Watch Dogs Legion has real political podcasters

Watch Dogs Legion could be installed in London in the future, but it’s not a shortage of modern celebrity cameos. Before Ubisoft itself launched, it announced that it could find Stormzy on Watch Dogs Legion, but players found another cameo collection. Political Podcast “Oh, what now?” Provided their writing and voice to some political analysis via Legion’s radio.

Familiar voice clips are shared. Journalist Helen Lewis analyzes the rise of fascism in London, the future of Legion’s technology.

For everything the corps intends to set up in London in the near future, Lewis’s radio segment certainly feels creepy and up-to-date.

“Unfortunately, it’s one of the things we’re very bad at, because humans perceive different things when they don’t look like the previous example. So in pre-crisis Britain, when fascism came. , I think I had the idea that it would look like the 1930s again. It would look like a single charismatic leader. It would look like a street jack boot and a giant flag. But it didn’t look like that. It looked like a social media group. It seemed to pollute the well, making the information unreliable. “

Hello darkness, my old friend!

Lewis isn’t the only one involved in Legion. OGWN says Last year, Ubisoft approached them to create an in-game political podcast created by a few other contributors.Shared by journalist James O’Malley Another clip From the game: A fictional show called Buccan Ear that he was involved in writing. This sounds like it was voiced by Tash LC.

According to a review of RPS Watch Dogs Legion, this kind of serious and political commentary, even if it often conflicts with how Legion is played, such as Guy Ritchie’s rampage starring Jason Statham and his friends, Cockney’s screams, etc. Is highly valued.

“I say this in advance. Watch Dogs Legion actually manages a lot more political coherence than I expected,” says Nate. “I think it over-abstracts the fight against fascism to the simplicity of Saturday morning. […] But stop it, it at least apologizes for which side of history it wants to be, and there are few betting hedges here because it is “apolitic”. Overall, it’s a good job. “

Certainly, Legion, thank you for your hard work.

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Watch Dogs Legion used real political podcasters to deliver in-game talk radio

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