Watch Dogs: Legion Information Overload

While playing Watch Dogs: Legions If you’re single player, you may come across an autonomous region mission called “information overload.” This mission caused some problems for the player as he had to find a hidden battery to continue at some point. But after reading this article, you don’t have to waste your time looking for a battery and you can quickly get back to hacking.

Where to find batteries in information overload missions

To get started, there is an information overload mission in Southwark Autonomous Region. During the mission, when you arrive at the Nexus Tower, you will need to access and control the maintenance drone at some point. To control it, you need to go to the table and operate the keyboard. You need to find out where this is on the minimap in the bottom corner of the screen.

While controlling the maintenance drone, head to the vent in front of you. You will be prompted to open the vent. As you fly, you should see a lot of servers in front of you. Once you find them, start descending until you see a small opening with a red pipe. Head towards it and go through it.

If you go through the small opening, you should see more servers. Unlike last time, instead of going down, it goes up. Continue ascending until you see another small opening with a red pipe, very similar to the first opening. However, avoid steam coming out of the pipe as it can damage the drone.

Eventually, you will reach a room where a gust of wind blows through. You must head to the other side of this room to continue. It is advisable to stick to the roof while maneuvering this room. If you get caught in the wind, it will hit the wall and damage the drone. When you reach the edge of the room, open the vent to continue.

To continue and find the battery Watch Dogs: Legion Information overload mission, you need to go down the shaft and avoid steam coming from the pipes. When you get off safely, you can see the enemy. You need to turn left to enter the room. You need to avoid the enemies in this room. This can be done by hacking the environment.

When you are outside the area, you should be greeted with some lasers. Avoid the laser and move down the corridor. Then you need to access the key from one of the room guards. You will have to download this from them by flying a drone near them without them getting their attention. Once the download is complete, you will be able to unlock and continue the information overload mission.

Finally, after completing all these time-consuming tasks, you will find the battery. When entering the room, place it on the table in front of you. Fly over the yellow indicator and the battery will automatically connect to the drone.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Information Overload | Where to Find Battery

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