Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode Delays Indefinitely on PC

The Watch Dogs Legion online component was scheduled for launch this month, but has been postponed to an unspecified time on the PC player. The multiplayer version of the open world game is causing a GPU crash and Ubisoft has decided to completely categorize the issue before the rollout.

“We have identified a PC version issue that causes the game to crash on players with certain GPUs,” read a Ubisoft Twitter statement. “The team is working to fix the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’ve decided to wait for the PC version to be released until it’s fixed. We’ll let you know the new release date as soon as possible.”

Previously, Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode was set to start on March 9th. In this mode, you’ll build your own Dedsec branch after the campaign ends to create promising collaborative missions, dubbed tactical ops, and more. These features are still configured for the console, but Tactical Ops also has a slight delay due to the crash and will move on March 23rd.

The complete statement is:

Our Jen Rothery spent the good old days in the online part of Watch Dogs: Legion during the preview. Satisfied. And when your plan collapses in front of you, it’s still a lot of chaotic fun. “

Check the new release date in this space. There are many crime games that are great for pranks while you wait.

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