Watch Dogs: Legion Pig Mask

While playing Watch Dogs: Legion, Players can choose their own mask for the mission. But did you know that to get some of these masks you need to find them in a particular place? This also applies to Pig masks in three locations throughout the game. Our guide will guide you to each location.

How to unlock the pig mask with Watch Dogs: Legion

The first pig mask is in the safe house. As you pass towards the Safehouse Character Customization section, you will see a staircase at the edge of the room. Follow these stairs on foot until you reach the catwalk lined with servers. At the end of the catwalk in the box is the location of the pig mask.

This is the easiest Watch Dogs: Legion The location of the pig mask to find. Both share the characteristic of having a huge cigar in their mouth, so they are most likely to nod to the famous Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The second pig mask is black and is located at Broca Tech in the City of Westminster. Broca’s area is a restricted area, so be careful when trying to mask it. Must be the closest restricted area to the left of the safe house.

When you arrive at Broca Tech, you will find that it is highly fortified. It’s still a good idea to throw a spider bot, as masks are still available. When you enter the exclusion zone from the south, head towards the back of the area until you see the stairs. Climbing these stairs, you will find a pig mask on some barrels.

The final location of the pig mask is next to the Roberts and Halls Bridge in London. This pink mask is easy to find. All you have to do is enter the building through the door and look at the small house-like area to the right. You’ll find that the character is too big to fit in the door, so you’ll need to use the spider bot again.

In summary, you can find all three pig masks Watch Dogs: Legion In the following places:

  • Safe house
  • Broker Tech
  • Roberts and Hall

When you deploy the spider bot and enter the area, follow the path and you will see a pig mask box in the corner of the area.

To change to one of these Pig masks, go to Safehouse and enter the Character Customization Portal. [マスク]Go to the tab and all three should be waiting for you. Easily equipped and ready to cause havoc around London.

For more information Watch Dogs: Legion, Check the guide below.

Watch Dogs: Legion Pig Mask | How to Unlock

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