Watch Dogs Legion PS4 Review (PS5)

I’m a big fan of Watch Dogs. I hacked Chicago and had a great time in the process while everyone was laughing at the original Watch Dogs as a major downgrade to the E3 show.

Watch Dogs 2 has refined the best of the original and has become my Game of the Year in the year it was released, even if the hipster story flew overhead. And now there’s the third entry in the series, Watch Dogs Legion, and the new near-future London that causes mischief while running around. But is it an improvement? Does it take the series further or is it the same? Well, that’s definitely more, let’s say it.

Watch Dogs Legion’s new settings should have come at a time when it’s no longer possible. Britain is now stepping into the ground with its corrupt and incompetent government. The population is divided by Brexit’s big debate, and there is general concern as citizens fight the team’s corners on Twitter. In the UK, we don’t take all positions with machine guns, so calling people gammon or left-handed on Twitter is as combative as it gets.

Watch Dogs Legion London is in a similar situation, but a bit more extreme. A terrorist hacker group called Zero Day caused a series of explosions in the capital, killing many people and then assembling Deadsec, an excellent hacker group for crime. Today, the street is patrolled by a civilian security force called Albion, and Deadsec’s name is smaller than mud. That’s not good for a group of hackers. The opening chapter introduces Sabine, the de facto leader whose team was wiped out during the attack. She managed to escape far from London before contacting you, the last remaining agent. No matter who you are …

The big change this time is that anyone can play. Literally anyone. Playing as some character can be a bit of a hassle, but in most cases you can play like almost anyone you can see on the busy streets of London. This is a game changer, but it’s not perfect. From a gameplay point of view, it’s great and opens up the game wide. Characters have unique skills and perks that can be used to simplify missions. For example, if you need to enter a police station on a mission, it’s much easier to switch to a police officer than toss a pig mask and run through the front door. But not everyone is willing to join your hilarious hacker band. You need to convince them to join you, and some are a little more persuasive than others.

You can shake the opinion of Deadsec characters by doing good deeds for them, and this essentially means that you have a mission to do as long as you are recruiting. .. It’s an endless cycle, and Permadeath makes it even more so.

The problem I had was that if everyone was the main character, no one was. No matter who you play, the story goes on. The same lines are spoken and the same actions are performed. The only difference is the person you are embodying as these moments unfold. It’s harder to really care about a particular character. Instead, you’re expected to care about groups that are Deadsec, but without a central figure, it was easy for me to be indifferent to good characters. It’s just me, but after chasing Aiden’s tragedy at Watch Dogs and seeing Marcus and a group of his friends stand up for greater benefit, a new version of this sentence in the inevitable Watch Dogs 4 review. It’s hard to imagine how to say.

So there’s no great protagonist behind, but the cheeky AI computer helper Bagley is always welcomed by my ears, but at least there are scary villains in the form of zero-days, Albion, and Clan Kelly. – The last London gang led by the truly evil Mary Kelly. Ubisoft always has the knack for creating great villains, but there are also knack for not taking full advantage of them. This is especially true for the heads of Clan Kelly gangsters. She’s really repulsive, but by far the most realistic adversary I’ve seen in a long time. I know people who behave like her, and to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be organ removal gangsters. Well, we’re in the realm of spoilers here, and I don’t want to ruin a great story, but you know that there are some outstanding moments and the characters that give weight to those moments. Should be. The only real problem is that it’s not delivered by your character, it’s an external cast.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy building the team, I did. It’s well done, especially with Permadeath enabled, so it’s refreshing because you have a little more control over the character and its fate. There is certainly a limit to repeating the scenario, I haven’t achieved it yet, but I’m not going to get in the way of performing these character missions. But should you? Yeah, probably.

Like many equipment upgrades and skills that can be purchased with the currencies collected, they make life much easier. That said, I brute-forced several missions in the game and tried out combat in the game.

Watch Dogs Legion focuses not only on hand-to-hand combat, but also on the use of melee weapons. Some of them are inspired. As an ambulance pulls out a chest paddle and gives a final blow to a stunned enemy – great.

Shootouts are still good, but not all characters have war-ready weapons. In fact, none of them. If the character has a gun, there is only one, plus it is a standard non-lethal pistol carried by all operatives. Given that Deadsec is trying to convince the people of London that it’s not really a terrorist organization, it’s a story that the group is as passive as possible and pulls out big guns only when there is no other choice. It makes sense. However, in most cases, you can clear the game by combining stealth takedown, quick brawl, and smart use of drone technology.

Similar to Watch Dogs 2, some missions either hack a drone that fills London’s featureless clean skies (electric cars eliminate rush hour smog), from the upgrade menu, or partly. You can run it remotely by pulling out your own drone purchased as of the operative’s default loadout. I really enjoyed this aspect of the game. This option is always present for stealth approaches and is actually a viable option, but it requires more brains. A dim person like me can blow up the game, but if you play it wisely, no one can get in and out without knowing you’re there. It’s by no means perfect, and at the moment it can be difficult to determine which camera is best for hacking your needs, so go between the 12 security cameras before finding the right one. I often came and went.

Hand-to-hand combat is actually really good and more sophisticated than previous games. This is a bit like the previous Assassin’s Creed game, but blocks, evasions, block breaks, and attacks are all mapped to face buttons.

In fact, Assassin’s Creed feels very similar to Watch Dogs Legion. The game is set up in London like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and the map is divided into wards that need to be reused by performing side activities like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. That’s not a bad thing. I really like Assassin’s Creed games. If so, Watch Dogs Legion is familiar, even if it feels like a strange and dangerous new world. After all, syndicated drones can’t fly over London.

Graphically, Watch Dogs Legion looks part of it, at least on the PS4 Pro. London has been rethinked as a metropolis of the future, with impressive neon signs that remind citizens of responsible people, dislikes and thoughts. Characters walk around, lead their daily lives, and keep their schedule. Thankfully, you won’t encounter London’s famous crowds, but the narrow streets of the city are quite busy.

However, there are some quirks in game presentations. In other words, it’s a character lip sync. This was something I noticed early on in the game at E3 2019, but unfortunately it’s still actually off. I’ve watched a lot of dubbed movies and TV shows (a great way to learn a language), so I’m a little used to this, so it wasn’t as bad as it looks, but it’s more distracting than I am. There is a possibility. What is my solution? Play the game in another language. What is your solution? Get used to it, I’m afraid.

Oddly enough, no one actually seems to be in the car. They drive around the city in self-driving mode, but I still hijack the car and throw some poor grass to the ground to do so. I think some cars may be heading for the owner, but all? It’s a small and strange quirk of the game, but it unnecessarily removed me from experience every time I jumped into the car.

With this release, driving has been significantly improved and the car is more responsive. If you’re going through many alleys, one-way streets, and famous landmarks such as Tower Bridge, your car needs to be more responsive. These are not your only means of transportation, as large delivery drones can be hacked and fly around the city. Sure, it’s slow, but it looks bloody and cool.

And that’s the Watch Dogs Legion in a nutshell: Cool. It’s a cool game. When it comes to gameplay, it’s not breaking through most of the new frontiers we’ve seen, but this time it’s all a bit more sophisticated. And that’s cool for me.

Watch Dogs Legion PS4, PS5 Review

  • Overall-great- 8/10



Watch Dogs Legion is a great continuation of the franchise. Even if you abandon the protagonist and overturn the tradition, you won’t reinvent the wheel in gameplay. The new system introduced works very well and hacking around London is as good as the previous game. Where is next?


  • Familiar gameplay borrowing elements from another Ubisoft series in a London setting
  • Even if the mission structure is repeated, anyone can play and switch characters on the spot, adding depth to the mission.
  • It looks and works great on the PS4 Pro
  • Lots of cheeky Easter eggs, a reference for longtime Ubi fans


  • Lip sync animation sometimes really turns off
  • The character’s voice hits and makes a mistake

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I reviewed it using PS4 Pro.

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Review: Watch Dogs Legion – PS4

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