Watch Dogs: Legion Redemption Code

Popularity Watch Dogs: Legion It is a pre-order shoe-in. If you pre-purchased the game, you will actually get additional loot. It’s cool? To do so, you need to redeem your code. For many, this is a frustrating process and could have been successfully automated. However, it’s not a big deal. If you want to use the code, follow these steps:

How to use the code in Watch Dogs: Legion

English-speaking people Watch Dogs: Legion Redeem your website to redeem your code. You must already have a Ubisoft account (required for Uplay anyway!). Then follow your order on the website to get the latest information on pre-orders. This is the same place you would go if you got other code. If you like the game, bookmark it.

Make sure your account is correct when you enter the code. If you have multiple Ubisoft accounts, it makes sense to pass the code to the wrong account to avoid confusion. Then make sure that the correct platform is selected when you enter the code. These codes vary from platform to platform, so if rejected, it could be due to accidentally selecting the wrong platform.

Therefore, make sure you have your own account (and the correct account) created before you buy the game. Then, on the code verification website, verify that your account has the correct platform. Otherwise, you’ll have to wrestle with customer service. Ubisoft’s customer service is fine, but we recommend that you be careful in the first place. You can now use the Gold King Pack!

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Watch Dogs: Legion Redeem Code | How to Enter Pre-Order Code

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