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Before we start, I need to admit something: a number of allegations of fraud leveled by well-known Ubisoft employees. We know it’s a big deal and the company is certainly making a fuss, but we strongly feel that reviews need to reflect the culture in which the game is created, if possible. I’m worried that art can’t be separated from the artist, but at the same time, hundreds of people are contributing to Ubisoft’s vast portfolio, and their work is a disgraceful act of a few. Thank you for not being overshadowed by. .. To be honest, it’s still a struggling balance, but it’s hard to immerse yourself in a game that seems to cost you that much. Hopefully this is the last time Ubisoft games have this warning.

Old sayings say it’s tough to the north, but I’m not sure if what’s north of the M25 is as tough as the broken, catastrophic vision of London’s Ubisoft in the near future.

As a rather dark and twisted person myself, I thought I would accept the story of DedSec London a bit more greedily than the San Francisco sun and sea lions on Watch Dogs 2, but Legion is just too scary and realistic. It’s a little too strict. I don’t think the very realistic climate of the UK has helped a lot, which is clearly not Ubisoft’s fault, but I usually play games to escape Westminster’s illness. We thank terrorist attacks, food banks, and too many homeless people for adding a layer of frosty credibility to the fictional vision of this capital. I know this isn’t Ubisoft’s fault either, but it’s sad and depressing to recognize the many signs. A fictional gystopia from your local real-life news report.

Anyways. A devastating terrorist attack has torn the capital, and DedSec, a hacktivist organization we’ve known since the franchise began, corrects mistakes, reveals who is responsible for the attack, and asks them for clarification. No, it’s not particularly new or attractive conceit, but it’s good for the purpose-almost.

More and more drones.

Unlike previous games, a moody copy of humans (Aiden Piercing), in case he forgets (and most of us face it), and his opposite Marcus Hollowway (to charm). Boasted both a full man) and good humor-Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t have a central character. Instead, you … well, anyone who likes you really plays. Want to be a living statue in a golden spacesuit? Fill your boots. A fantasy life as an effective wit of football living to smash things? Pop off. The world is full of potential new hires, and you can play as any of them. It’s an amazing feat.

The problem is that without a central playable character, you’re unlikely to connect you to DedSec’s Cockney headquarters. The support cast is reasonably eccentric and joyfully vowed, but strangely consumable because it lacks a greater personality than the actual Watch Dogs 2 Marcus and his crew. Also, the main purpose of the game is that anyone can play it because they don’t feel an emotional connection with one person. They are procedural generation shells and feel nothing but procedural generation shells, so imposing any number of group photos in a safehouse does not foster a sense of friendship.

And while the Permadeath feature definitely adds a bit of danger to your encounter, in the end it only helps to further separate you from the cast. What is the point at which their line can be transferred to the next operative in the rotor and attached when the Riot Drone and Permadeath fight?

Look at this space.

The problem is exacerbated by some really dangerous voice actors who feel uniquely in conflict with the face attached to it. Stormzy’s vocal work is one of the few performances that felt nuanced and honest, but otherwise it only divorced me from the world and I couldn’t immerse myself in it. line. I know it’s impractical to make individual voices, as literally an infinite number of NPCs are preoccupied with the location, but it’s far less diverse than I expected (and). If you allow me a rough tangent: Ubisoft has never heard of Wales? Despite the many Scottish and Irish accents raising the Celtic flag, I’m traveling to Wales I didn’t encounter any accents).

The story is decent, but the great Watch Dogs 2 innovation failed, and the skills and gadgets have certainly been expanded this time, but I felt they didn’t add much value to the party. I mainly made camouflage or spider bots the default, especially when unlocking the ability to cover up fallen enemies. Few are more satisfying than slamming an unsuspecting enemy against your face like a face hugger and hiding your corpse from sight.

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Sadly, there has been little change in the types of missions, most of which focus on infiltration, hacking (sometimes functional if clumsy), and escaping from restricted areas. Once you’re used to upgrading your spider bot and finding a convenient vent, you can complete your mission without having to step into it. At first, it’s thrilling to crawl around a secret base at the top of Tower Bridge when operatives are hiding. Missions rarely deviate from this template, so moving away from the ground below will eventually lead to aging.

In fact, I’ve become so good at penetrating that my efficiency has surprised the game as much as it shocked me. In one of the most memorable sequences, I was instructed to “survive” while AI mate Bagley (more frustrating than he helped) unlocked the secret elevator. .. But I couldn’t stand anything but boredom, waiting for Bagley to do him, as he had sneaked all the Goons in the place with a reliable spider bot in advance. Gunplay is also a bit uneven, but there are clear improvements in hand-to-hand combat, and London’s enemies feel like they’re made of something stronger than the volatile population of Watch Dogs 2.

Due to these speech delays, I’m pretty sure I was one of the reviewers suffering from a console crash bug that almost broke the Xbox One X. Sadly, I haven’t had a particularly good time. By that point anyway, the bug stopped the progress of my campaign prematurely and instead sent me to London to explore in my spare time. Like many games forged in Ubisoft molds, this is where the world opens and I started to enjoy it.


Driving carelessly doesn’t help me much-I still hate driving this series, especially because the music choices are surprisingly poor, and I’ve never heard of the Boston Manor It was, but now I’m getting much more information about their work than I expected. Also, the AI ​​of people roaming the streets of London is flawed in terms of cheerfulness. Pedestrians often (mysteriously) jump into the road instead of leaving it.

However, by the time you start collating Tech Points and unlock and upgrade your gadgets and gizmos, things will be a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time as a construction worker. Not because of its fashionable Hi-Biz vest, but because of their very convenient freight drone. Large enough to accommodate both you and its cargo, you can use it not only to traverse the city, but also to access frequently secreted collectibles on and around the rooftop. It’s not the fastest device, but it’s certainly a relaxing way to visit and travel to London’s attractions.

Unleashing the ability to hijack a drone also had a positive impact on my enjoyment. At first, things are horribly overwhelming and, thanks to the floating driving, you can’t even overtake bloody things, but if you can put them and the turret aside, the encounter should certainly feel a bit unbalanced. , And more hell.

I was hacked.

But it is desperately underestimated. The dialog is choppy because you accidentally triggered another loading screen or the game simply stopped working. Sometimes operatives don’t put it on the cover, it’s so much fun when you’re in the middle of a shootout. There are many English-style trucks that decorate the city’s radio waves, but the car radio, which runs mysteriously from car to car, offers the same two and a half songs over and over again. And-sad news-WD2 earphones have been removed.

Accent and voice work is dangerous. The mission is bugged out and can’t start or complete. Enemy drones were desperately overwhelmed, especially early in the game, with other less important issues and bugs, such as the funny 30 minutes that DedSec recruits were stuck looping through her melee animation. We have a lot. They’re not all hangable crimes, but when you combine them, we talk about games that could have spit a little extra and polish, despite the delays.

Yes, it’s fun to get tired of around London. Yes, it’s exciting to explore such iconic landmarks past the roped area. Yes, I enjoyed playing it, especially when I jumped off a predictable story path and made my own entertainment. But without a compelling story and concrete improvements to the strong standards set by Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs Legion is dark and unpleasant. It doesn’t matter how many protagonists you can boast about the game. I care about one of them.

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