Watch Doomslayer take on the Pinky daemon in this Doom map in Minecraft

We were pretty excited when we found Doomed: Demons of the Nether earlier this year. This is a Minecraft mod-free resource pack that effectively transforms building games into id’s legendary FPS games. Now you can watch the boss battle featuring Doomguy Slayer from start to finish in the first big showdown with the Pinky Demon.

Doom fans (2016) are aware of the Minecraft version of the basic weapons loaded out here. There are also tiny pistols, combat shotguns, and even chainsaws that can be used to carve zombies and spawn additional ammo. All sound effects from id Software’s shooter are also included in the Sibogy pack. It really feels like Doom, despite the blocky Minecraft geometry.

Pinky itself is a bit less threatening than Doom. It looks like a modified version of Minecraft’s adorable cow, with a pinky menacing growl and some new moves. Note the quick pirouette that runs immediately after being attacked by a shotgun at the beginning of the battle.

The complete sequence is as follows:

Destiny: The Nether Devil is still in development at this point, but as I pointed out last time, you can get the latest information on the Planet Minecraft page. If you want to talk to fellow fans and creators, you can also join the community’s Discord server.

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