[Watch] Flusha uses 1000IQ Nade to deny plants to win eco

It’s been a long time since I saw Robin “Furusha” Ronquist congratulate us all with such a good clip. The Swedes weren’t at their best in the match against MAD Lions at IEM Beijing 2020-Europe, but offered this high IQ grenade play on the second map Inferno, which won the important eco-round on the side. Gave me.

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Flusha’s high IQ Nade Play defeats Fnatic The Round

Swedes faced a serious 17th The round after the MAD Lions lost their second pistol round at Inferno when they went to a super slow run at “B Site”. Unfortunately for them, it was Furusha who was doing the “construction”, but this only heightened the threat as MAD Lions could not see Furusha preparing their demise. did.

Experienced Swedes waited for the perfect moment, then the best moment to throw it, after being visually cut to throw the jade in their hand. He scored a perfect home run for him as he denied the plant with four seconds remaining and robbed the Mad Lions of a winning round.

It was a classic through the smoke moments for Flusha, but instead of shooting them down, he chose to pop out the perfect rattan and throw them a little shade. Fnatic won the map because it equalized the series “1-1”.

However, it was a short-lived happiness as the Danish side of the MAD Lions counterattacked the Mirage deciding factor and destroyed Fnatic with a score of “16-9”. With this defeat, the Swedish lineup was removed from IEM Beijing 2020-Europe, and MAD Lions also confronted French vitality.

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Flusha didn’t have a great outing overall, with an overall rating of 0.85, a KD difference of -9, and an ADR (average damage per round) of 68.3. So, despite the incredible Nade tactics shown by him, it was the only gratitude that matched his path.

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