Watch Halo Infinite players kill 23 enemies with one sniper rifle

The Halo Infinite sniper rifle is a very powerful weapon, and the new viral video shows how much stopping power a ranged weapon has.

In a new clip uploaded by @sakanayalugang on Twitter, a total of 23 Spartans are waiting for their destiny. After all, sniper rifles are strong enough to kill them all in one headshot. Players who go down will ragdoll backwards as the points go up. This allows players to achieve large-scale multi-kills that may not be easily duplicated otherwise.

The Halo franchise is known for its “sandbox” nature, which enables these moments. The sandbox has also led to some great top play and nice mythBusters videos. Perhaps players are just beginning to grab the surface of what Halo Infinite can do.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo, Halo’s multiplayer beta arrived on November 15th. The release of the campaign is scheduled for December 8th. Before that, retail discs are starting to hit the market, so until then you need to be especially careful to avoid spoilers.

Halo Infinite for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S will be released on December 8th. The latest download is also available. Halo Infinite Trainer From WeMod.

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