Watch over Safe Homes and Ryan Reynolds Before Deadpool

Of course, this is by design.An actor who spent nearly 10 years fighting to get it after being unfairly tare as a “box office poison” on the cruelest part of the entertainment press dead Pool made accepted Merc with a mouth persona that the audience loved.So his version of Pikachu Detective Pikachu Serious but notice his cuteness. It was by Michael Bryce of Reynolds, Hitman bodyguard The movie as Wade Wilson; and that’s why it’s a steady hit after his pandemic, Free Guy (Despite the Delta variant, it made $ 302 million at the time of the press), Reynolds is literally the only character in his world who knows he’s a video game NPC. So you may be completely serious and self-aware.

Reynolds completely breaks the fourth wall only when he’s actually wearing red and black underwear, but all of these roles are in the same wheelhouse as Wade, similar to the actor’s social media image. .. The Gordon Brothers are said to be the twin brothers of Ryan, who sells Aviation Gin, a liquor owned by the actor.

so Hideaway Suddenly it became very fresh. Bittersweet, but. It’s a fairly standard (or even substandard) thriller in itself, with desperate editing and volatile handheld camerawork trying to evoke real-world tensions and a sense of espionage. Washington previously played a character like Tobin Frost in a better movie, but Reynolds hasn’t played a straight man, or a desperate character at dawn for a long time. In addition, a scene where his Weston character (a low-level CIA employee who needs to both capture with Frost and team up) is driven by cynical horror with the realistic manipulation of his boss, or he In the scene where he has to be, he’s really very good tell the woman he loves that he’s been lying to her for months and now he has to make her a ghost.

This is the exact opposite of his personality Hitman bodyguard Having similar enthusiastic friendships with Samuel L. Jackson on multiple expeditions, the man is constantly dissatisfied with the constant shootouts and chases.

first time Hitman bodyguard It’s a better movie HideawayHowever, earlier films remind us that Reynolds is more than just one persona.Easy to imagine Hideaway It’s not one of the actor’s favorite movies.It’s from that awkward period of his career right after the infamous box office Green lantern Indeed, much of the metatext humor that repeats in both dead Pool Reynolds is laughing in the movie Green lanternCosts, mocking what it did for his career … including making Reynolds much harder to get dead Pool From the ground.

Ironically, Reynolds had a little Played Wade Wilson before the Green Lantern, or Hideaway, But in such a bastard form Origin of the X-Men: Wolverine (2009) 20th Century Fox became skeptical of the idea that Reynolds had a large audience to spin off.Meanwhile, for all unforgettable success Hideaway Reynolds, where he was, played a mainstream role in other problematic productions RIPD (2013) and Change-up (2011).

Watch over Safe Homes and Ryan Reynolds Before Deadpool

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