Watch The Game Awards tonight on both PlayStation and Xbox

Game Awards-What’s the secret between Microsoft and Sony? (Photo: Game Awards)

Both Sony and Microsoft are discussing appearances at The Game Awards event, but what exactly do they display?

Last year, the Game Awards were used as a place to unveil the Xbox Series X and Godfall. This is the first game confirmed on PlayStation 5. So there are many reasons to expect the show tonight to be just as important.

But unlike last year, there are few leaks and it’s hard to tell if there’s a lot to show off given the pandemic, but Sony and Microsoft definitely want you to see it.

Sony tweeted a recommendation that fans would see the award, but didn’t give any hints about what they were showing.

But the best guess is a closer look at Horizon Forbidden West, or perhaps a proper release of the new God Of War, but it could be a whole new game you’ve never seen before.

Microsoft also advertised that they would take part in the award, but marketing Aaron Greenberg later tweeted that fans should do it.

Game Awards organizer and organizer Geoff Keighley replied with a meme-style clip from Dumb and Dumber, suggesting that he “still has a chance.”

That makes it even harder to guess what Microsoft will display, but Forza Twitter is also promoting the event, which could mean looking at new games and new DLC properly.

(((update: According to a Reddit post, the Cyberpunk 2077 Quadra car will be added as a DLC, but it may not be the only one. )

Even with a big revelation, as in the case of both big announcements last year, it’s usually sudden, so at one of these kinds of shows you usually don’t expect anything, a nice surprise. It is best to feel.

It’s not going to stop fans wanting everything from Elden Ring to Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, but unless something leaks at the last minute, it’s just a wait-and-see.

At least I know the awards will be announced, but the video games are the closest to my Oscar, but the new games reveal that everyone is really paying attention.

When is The Game Awards 2020 in the UK?

The big problem with The Game Awards is that it lasts for three hours, but only starts at midnight UK time (actually earlier than the previous year).

There is a pre-show at 11:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time, but if you want to see something good, you have to stay up until a small time in the morning.

It’s hard to recommend it because there are no real clues to be announced, but we’ll monitor everything and report on the major public releases in the morning-so you can catch up with everything. I can do it.

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PlayStation and Xbox both want you to watch The Game Awards tonight

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