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I’m not sure, but it’s clear Lego It is one of the most famous brands in the world. Known for almost endless applications, Brick experiment channel The latest video features an electric lego car facing increasingly difficult obstacles.

Throughout the video, the car undergoes many changes to compete with the more difficult courses, but begins as a basic rear-wheel drive crawler. The first obstacle was to get over a relatively thin book, but some corrections were needed. When the large set of wheels was installed, the piles of paper did not match.

Changes continued to be made to compete with higher levels of difficulty, such as all-wheel drive, better traction, and lighter weight. But the first good point was a pile of eight books that could only be learned by increasing breaks. Vehicle over angle (point of tipping over). There are many ways to do this, but the brain behind the video simply raised the middle part while lowering part of the battery pack.

Things got harder and harder, and LEGO crawlers finally came across impassable physics literature. You may not hear much, but the last straw had a steep overhang in the center of the mountain of books. Sure, building a four-wheeled vehicle could be completed prematurely, but I couldn’t finish the job without falling. It seems that you don’t need anything but a winch to master this.

Quarantine makes us Great length to keep you entertainedBut for many, I bet that this could be a new outlet. Feel free to let us know in the comments below on how to get past the final obstacle.

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Watch this lego car climb an obstacle on the road Watch this lego car climb an obstacle on the road

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