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Watford fans saw the team demote to the second bottom of the Premier League in 2019/20, ahead of Norwich alone.

Only Norwich, who was runner-up in the 2020/21 Championship, returned to the top tier immediately.

After getting used to the presence of the Premier League in progress in four relatively comfortable seasons of 45, 40, 41, and 50 points (Mike Ashley’s Newcastle scored 50 points in the Premier League only once in these 14/15 years. (Managed), it became the shock of dropping 16 points in 2019/20 and demoting to 34 points.

The big question is whether they can survive this season and build on it.

With 7 points in 6 games, Watford fans are very happy with the start. After all, if you keep the average points per game, this season will end with 44 points.

But after a one-on-one draw with Newcastle, reading comments from Watford fans (see below), I don’t think the overall mood is happy or satisfying.

Many Watford fans who want to get rid of manager Xisco Munoz (4 points more than Steve Bruce so far …) aren’t impressed by most of the team and the referees on Saturday, but they’re in a match. As for the opponent … I’m not impressed at all Newcastle United’s team and head coach couldn’t beat Watford. Weak display on Saturday.

Going to the place to get a decent idea for another team / club would be listening to what their fans are saying, and from seeing the comments before and after the draw for this Newcastle, Watford I think there is a lot of realism in between fans.

I’m worried that their team isn’t strong enough to deal with the Premier League and may not be strong enough in the summer. Supporters who believe Watford fans deserve to defeat Norridge, which seems to be one of the clubs that can be realistically finished above, however, have changed significantly on the first day of the season and become an unstable villa team. I’m more willing to run away in the face I won 3-2 so I probably won’t get it if I play now.

When it comes to Newcastle, Watford fans have clearly seen that the team must finish up in order to get up, and Steve Bruce’s NUFC is very much seen as a true relegation candidate.

The upcoming “interesting” season for both Watford fans and Newcastle supporters …

Watford fans WFC Forum message board:

“Danny Rose is the most classy left-back we’ve had in the club, as far as I can remember. Some of his passes are exquisite and he’s dealing with tricky opposition before. Has the experience and talent of. The second name on the team sheet is for me now. I hope he stays healthy.

We hope we have signed that St. Maxim or whatever his name is. Some players. “

“If the referee is enough to preside over the Premier League match between Watford and Newcastle, he’s good enough to take charge of Chelsea vs Manchester or Arsenal vs Tottenham, but the new officers will be eased with unobtrusive equipment. We know that. It fully reveals the idea that the Premier League is an equal stadium. Some games are clearly more important than others.

“Ref should have been able to book Darlow in about 20 minutes!

It was ridiculous when the referee gave a show in front of Lucary showing that he was rushing to Darlow. And when he left, Darlow did a comedy act of rolling the ball under his feet and passing him. Towards the goal, thereby wasting more time.

“I don’t think he had a prejudice against us. I think he was really, really terrible. There were a lot of bad decisions in our favor, but far more decisions against us. It is. “

“I signed Sir instead. He scored the same amount of prim goals as ASM in about half of the bad team’s games, so I won’t lose sleep on him!”

“On the funny side, it’s probably the worst we’ve played against Newcastle at home in Prem (including the two seasons when we went straight back), but we couldn’t get three points again and got another one. Couldn’t -1 draw. Hopefully it will be the point of keeping us, not sending us down! “

“Sissoko was great.”

“It was the most fun game I’ve seen for a while. It was junk, intense, chaotic, far from perfect, but if you still didn’t get your hair up, football is probably for you. Not suitable. The atmosphere is completely electrical and there isn’t much to get a bigger adrenaline rush than watching Watford attack Lucary in the second half, especially when chasing the game, so I’m in football I love to go.

The absolute scene when King raised us to 2-1 *. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a celebrated goal … “

“Newcastle was doing his homework. He played physical and ugly football and used an inexperienced and nervous referee. Longstaff’s set pieces put 11 players in a box to protect the corners. They were six in the corner, but by the time Longstaff got the ball, there were nine Newcastle players in or around the box. When defending the corner, the front You need to keep 3 up or queue your opponent to put a shot in a crowded box.

“Newcastle came to work with us and we touched their hands directly. They wasted time from the beginning and caused problems with many free headers. For us. Fortunately, they are ponies, and so are we.

Xisco continues to improve, but if you want to be a PL manager at the end of the season, you have to slowly shatter your ideas.

“Foster made a mistake in their goal. He missed it. It should have been a pretty comfortable save.”

‘Everything thought it was a decent point considering it Newcastle We could have scored a few more points today and both sides had a chance to win late. I think that was a good point for Watford. They kept fighting, trying to get back into the game and didn’t give up like the previous team. “

“Australian refs are horrifying and approaching complete loss of control.

Newcastle soon realized that he could ignore him and play the game the way he wanted.

Only four minutes of the last added time was shameful. There were five shifts, goals, VAR banned goals, and suspension of camouflage or other injuries. And that’s before you start thinking about the extreme waste of time in Newcastle. If he isn’t refereeing in next week’s championship, there’s something wrong with the rating system.

“What I don’t understand is why people continue to refer to last season’s defensive records. The only reason it happened was because of the disastrous finish from the opposition. Thankfully. In addition, Newcastle was just as bad today. Play the half-decent side, and we’ll definitely be killed every week. “

“A terrible match between the two sides that lost quality and the absolute confusion of the referees.

Rose was the only one of our first 11 who deserved more than 4/10.

Our central defense is horrifying. Who could have predicted that we would be costly if we did not reinforce this horribly weak area? Oh yeah, everyone.

Dennis, Sir and King had little effect. Saar didn’t bother. I hope he continues to achieve strange goals and some idiots buy hype and give us 40 meters for him in January. We have made a large overpayment for a very limited number of players who can only affect games that have space and time to spare.

Sissoko doesn’t look like a soccer player. Athletic but lacking skills.

Cascato should never be played again. Neither need to be trained.

I got points, but Newcastle was terrible. They could have been up four before we scored a goal.

We are very horrifying. I am very worried about how disjointed and unplanned we are. Is Wtf the point of Xisco? “

“Xisco is too one-dimensional and, frankly, I think it’s pretty tactically ignorant. Not only is he a great guy, he also needs us points in his choice.

“We were lucky Blues “Coach” Newcastle. Someone who was half decent in front of the goal would have had a matchball.

“Yes, we made so many errors in the first four or five Nil, but it wasn’t surprising. That’s the difference between PL and the championship. WTE’s error against Brighton is mercilessly punished. Fortunately, Newcastle could be there this season, but enough teams to finish in 15th or higher would have had Field Day. In the first half of that. “

“I thought Newcastle was better suited for the match. They (ironically) made us the boss from the first half. Raise MoTM for me to deny the opportunity for goal scoring. The second half was much better, but the series of suicidal changes that Sissoko and Tufan overrun were almost costly. Fortunately, we got an equalizer and survived, and Etevo was in the middle. Recovered the number and stabilized the ship.

Overall Newcastle was a loser. They should have accumulated 3 points against their relegated rivals and wasted a lot of chances to make the difference between our goals worse.

So it’s not a disaster, but the team needs better management than the match showed.

“Foster had a nightmare on their goals.

Why did he flap on it? I should have caught it or just pardoned it. “

Rose Does not fit. Newcastle fans curse him for being fat.

“A great goal from the GT Book-flicked near the post corner and nodded to the backstick. I must be getting better in old age, but (terrible reference, Newcastle gamemanship, and some boys) I thought it was definitely an exciting game to win (despite our personal performance). Xisco deserves praise for the submarine and a couple of changes in formation in the second half.

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Watford Fans-Brutal Comments About Newcastle, Cisco, Referees, Watford, Everything … Watford Fans-Brutal Comments About Newcastle, Cisco, Referees, Watford, Everything …

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