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WayForward has announced that it plans to unveil the Dawn of the Monsters monster fighter when it’s released on the Nintendo Switch system later next year. The company said in a statement that it will be responsible for creative support and digital publishing, distribution and marketing missions in both North America and Europe. 13AM Games Dawn of the Monsters You can see the game teaser here.

“From the moment we turned to Dawn of Monsters, we knew it could be something special. 13AMGames was an amazing developer who was a great collaboration partner in the past, and they did this. I am very pleased to be able to help you achieve this. A unique vision for life. “

WayForward CEO Voldi Way

“I’ve been a WayForward fan since I first got Godzilla: Domination. My passion for Game Boy Advance and their work has grown since then, so we’re the Dawn of the Monsters. Partnering with is not only very exciting, but also very appropriate. For many of us, this partnership is a dream come true! This is the biggest game ever and WayForward is my We’re really happy to be in our corner. Because they’re traditionally developers, they really understand the whole process of creating a game, which makes work relationships smooth and fruitful. I can’t wait to share my work with the Dawn of the Monsters. We’re really pushing for a bold new visceral vision of the possibilities of collaborative 2D action games. . “

13AM Games CEO Alex Rushdy


WayForward publishing Dawn of the Monsters for Switch in late 2021

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