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In the fanfare surrounding Aston Martin’s “Legendary History” McLarenGo back to the better edge of the grid and don’t hesitate to think about one of the most successful teams in F1 history. Williams..

9 Constructors’ titles (most of the British team), 7 drivers, 114 wins, 128 poles, 312 podiums, 133 fastest laps.

Yes, in the last three seasons, Grove’s outfits have finished the bottom of the mountain and didn’t score one point last year.

Thanks to Drillton Capital’s “intervention”, whatever the good or bad of the place where everything went wrong, Williams The family is no longer involved.

So far, there have been no obvious signs of investment needed to move the team forward. There were some signs of concern that such an investment might certainly not be made for the amount really needed, but some positive signs.

The team is still conquering everything Mercedes There is an engine behind George Russell In December, the team announced that they had appointed Jost Capito as CEO.

Although he barely set foot under the desk when hired by McLaren, Capito arrives at Globe with an impressive pedigree, and it is hoped that he will be able to mark him in a walking outfit, similar to his compatriot Andreas Seidl.

He knows the team is back in the midfield and facing a long and tough slogan, but Capito is confident in the future of the glove outfit.

“Last month, I started by meeting and listening to people first, so I held a 45-minute separate meeting with each of the top 50 managers on the team,” he reveals.

“Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we couldn’t do this face-to-face,” he continues.

“There was also a” town hall “meeting for everyone on the team. Throughout the exercises, we found that the company has the talent to build for the future.

“I was very impressed with Drillton. They are very good owners with the right mindset and resources and very supportive of the team. We are the dawn of a new era. Williams.. “

Globe outfits struggle at the bottom of the mountain, so it’s easy to forget that in the first two years of the hybrid formula, they slipped fifth and finished third before the end.

Budget caps are unlikely to be the great levelers F1 bosses wanted- Williams One of the teams that is currently well below the cap-not to mention the new aerodynamic development rules that favor weaker teams, the revision of the rules in 2022 should also help.

“Drillton has made a lot of investment since they started because they took ownership and continue to do this,” he says. “If we come up with a potential performance improvement that we can do, we get full support from Drillton. This is absolutely great and more than I expected when I took on that role. Is even better. I will point out that there is a lot of room for improvement. “

Looking ahead to this season, he admits that 2021 is all about transition.

“I characterize 2021 as a transitional period for the team whose goal is to fill the gap as much as possible,” he said. “But our resources are already very focused on 2022 and the new regulations. This is where we see the opportunity to take the first important step in our competitiveness. Williams In our new era.

“We build from there, but it’s realistic. There’s no quick solution. We’re developing a gradual, long-term plan to bring this great team back to the front end of F1.

“So it’s clear that we will race as hard as we can in 2021, but our focus is already very focused on building for the future after 2022.”

In fact, shortly after Capito’s signature, it was announced that there would be an “increased” technical partnership with 2022. Mercedes..

“It will be useful next year because we don’t have to spend time and effort redesigning the gearbox,” says team principal Simon Roberts. “We can redeploy that resource to other areas of vehicle performance. This is part of our strategy and part of the ongoing rebuilding.”

In the short term, with the launch on Friday, fans were worried that the FW43B wouldn’t have the sponsor’s logo. Don’t worry, Capito insists.

“We are very focused on brand development and we are positioning the brand this year,” he says. “We have great partners, and some are coming soon, so we can expect some announcements.

“In general, I think the new ownership and strategies we are working on are attracting partners who are already in contact with us and who are in talks.

“It’s too early to give you something, but there will be some announcements soon.”

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We are at the dawn of a new era, says Capito We are at the dawn of a new era, says Capito

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