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Last generationLast generationLooking back on 2013-2020, the era of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Once, when Bethesda came up with the idea of ​​selling horse armor in 2006, it was expected that he would buy a video game and then pay for it. More Money for things in the same game will arouse anger.

When they first appeared during the PS3 / Xbox 360 years, it felt like microtransactions and downloadable content It was a fundamental threat to the way we bought and enjoyed video games.If you spend time in the forum, it ’s deeply Unpopular movement. For anyone interested in eliminating this kind of money-making intrusion from the game, this is in many ways. war, Something that had to resist at any cost.

The seven years of PS4 and Xbox One, which began with in-game purchases, are already part of the landscape, but we’re still stepping in.Surely put life on the ground from that battle.

The FIFA series has become a popular and all-wrong pioneer in modern in-game purchases.

The FIFA series has become a popular and all-wrong pioneer in modern in-game purchases.
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In the late 2000s, it was one of the biggest news of the year with additional characters appearing in fighting games. call of Duty I will try to sell you some new maps. Certainly, not only because of the news itself, but also because of the anxiety that accompanies it.

The argument against this practice was sound: we were already paying for this game, stop charging us more! If you’re making more, put it on a disc and give it to us all at once, as it was in the good old days.

The discussion of this practice is … also, no one has been forced to buy anything, and the additional content pipeline can keep the game active and relevant for years, microtransactions. It was also healthy in that the additional revenue the company was collecting from the game contributed to the game. Prices were relatively stable for more than a decade.

Well, in 2020, after completing the first complete console cycle with in-game purchases as standard, we’re insensitive to it.The· NBA 2K The series is now built around its central microtransaction, with some of the basketball pushed to the edge. There are many complaints every year, Millions of sales.. The shooter ships with some maps and game modes, will release more of them later, and hook everything up in advance with the Season Pass.

Then there are games like two big releases of rock stars (Or re-release) Of past console generations Grand Theft Auto V And Red Dead Redemption 2We were able to completely pivot from a spectacular single-player adventure at launch to an online playground that requires cash years later.

These are far more “bad” than horses trying to protect themselves, but even with the recent arrival of anger, they are rarely pointed out as often as they used to, or at least aimed at certain failures. More (details soon), not the practice itself. Microtransactions in 2020 are not a threat, they are just part of today’s video games. Prolonged exposure to this practice has slowed opposition, and the proliferation of mobile games and their free-play models has affected publishers and developers on all platforms, not just phones.

What does this tell us? I do not know!I ThinkHowever, the practice became very sharp and incorporated into the psychology of spending, Good feelingIt’s an attractive source of income for companies doing money-making businesses, and the smarter they are about how elegantly they can carry out these practices, the more successful they will be.Even Nintendo, which has long opposed ideas like microtransactions and F2P, now makes and sells mobile games. Super Smash Bros. Download contents.

There was no war in the first place, so if you ever thought you were at war with something like this, you had already lost. Protesting the microtransaction creeping into the basics of game design wasn’t a fight, it was like standing on the beach and yelling at the tide. The gears on the market are unprecedentedly sharpened and irresistible.

Many of this was pretty terrible, and there was a backlash in some places, from FIFA Loot box (currently legislated in hell and back in Europe) Battlefront II Crate so terrible that publishers were forced to bring them backJust a little). For the sake of brevity, I’ll list two obvious examples here (both from the same publisher!), But I’m sure it’s okay to name my worst criminal. I will.

Still, I have something to say about the game, which was designed with later purchases in mind, and its immense popularity and commercial success. Resistance to the idea of ​​in-game purchases is primarily based on the idea that you will be charged more for the content that may / should be included in the main game (and your first purchase), HitmanProviding “episodes” like selling seasonal box sets, like TV shows, showed that there is a way to repeatedly demand money so that it doesn’t come off like a dislike.

League of Legends Is free to play and most purchases are cosmetics.The same can be said for rivals DOTA, And in the meantime Overwatch It’s not free. In-game purchases are usually just skins. FortniteIt’s also free and follows a similar business model (although we’ve recently made the game as much advertising space as you play), these are the four largest games on the planet.

Genshin Impact Another game to try new things in this area..Its “Half Zelda, Half F2P Phone Game Nightmare” composition may not be so universally popular Hitmans, But it’s at least trying to find a new space to experiment with. And while there are past generations of DLC that were once ridiculed, they are now often sophisticated and much more welcome. The witcher 3 The huge number of additional quests could have been a sequel, Bloodborne’s Old Hunter It was great and Fate The game has changed radically with each expansion, and there are only three (again, probably everyone can come up with their favorite list).

This ever-changing nature of the game is also evidence that microtransactions were not in the first place to break into the systematic patterns of game design. Their emergence is the latest step in the video game business and has changed, for better or for worse, to reflect the need for economic expansion, technological advances and constant growth. cabinet.

As the era of PS4 and Xbox One comes to an end, we’ll be looking out over the gaming world. FIFA, battlefield And call of Duty Built around additional payments, the video gaming industry has changed dramatically, and many of the media’s creative achievements have changed accordingly.

Microtransactions, DLC and F2P are no longer intrusions or anomalies. They are just new ordinary.

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