We are out on Nintendo Switch today exclusively for consoles

Among us – The biggest game of the year is now on Nintendo Switch (Photo: Innersloth)

The latest indie world live stream from Nintendo is Twitch smash hit Among Us is now available on Switch.

Nintendo’s indie world videos are usually a fairly low-level issue, but this week’s video turned out to be full of unexpected revelations starring Among Us coming to Switch.

“Among Us” was first released on mobile in the summer of 2018. Developer Innersloth abandoned the plan, as almost no one noticed this fact until Twitch Streamer began playing during this year’s blockade and hit late. The sequel.

The only other format available so far is the PC, but now it’s dedicated to the Switch console and will be available in the e-shop for only £ 3.89 from Tuesday night, December 15th.

Some of us had an indie world stream surprise ending, but there were many other good ones as well. Capybara Games’ Grindstone was a big hit on mobile and is now dedicated to the Switch console.

The original game had a huge impact on indie games and popularized the concept of ultra-hard 2D platformers, but now 10 years have passed and this follow-up is quite late.

And to follow up on that, the long-awaited Super Meat Boy Forever will be released again on Wednesday, December 23, exclusively for Switch Console.

Another indie classic on Switch is Spelunky, which won’t arrive until next summer. Fortunately, it comes with Spelunky 2. This is even better and is one of my favorite games of the year.

The length of the indie world is only 17 minutes. There are a lot of promising things out there, so it’s a good idea to see them all.

I especially liked the look of Cyber ​​Shadow, published by Shovel Knight creator Yacht Club Games. It’s like a fun cross between the 8-bit Ninja Gaiden and Metroidvania. It will be released relatively early on January 26th.

Other games that caught our eye were the four-player party game Very Very Valet, Samorost developer Amanita Design’s Happy Game, and Monument Valley maker Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

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Among Us is out on Nintendo Switch today as console exclusive

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