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Italy’s young talent Jannik Sinner is just a few points away from surpassing one of the sport’s great legends, the Swiss champion Roger Federer’s King. Jannik is still 20 years old, Federer is twice as old and technically could be the father of his very young colleague, but what’s clear now is the ranking.

As of next Monday, Roger Federer will officially leave the top 10 in the world. This is a ranking that has considered him the protagonist for 20 years and is now out of the top 10 in the world. On his side, Janick could have already overtaken him at Indian Wells this week and would have effectively caught up with him if he beat Taylor Fritz in the United States.

However, the path of South Tyrol natives in the American desert stopped against their hometown idols in the 16th round, reducing their chances of the ATP Finals. Last half, Roger Federer had few matches. Technically, without a freeze ranking, he had already been out of the top 10 for some time. The Swiss (like everyone else) have benefited from this suspension in just a few days. Will he stay outside of what represents the top of the world rankings?

The physical problems are still significant and the date of returning to Switzerland after another knee surgery is unknown. Meanwhile, Sinner needs to play yet another tournament at this stage of the season (he’s still in the ATP Finals). Therefore, it is not impossible to reach 175 points, which is currently separated from Switzerland.

Haas looks back on Roger Federer

Tommy Haas believes that while Roger Federer is happy with his career, the Swiss have a strong desire to come back on tour and retire on his own terms.

In an interview with Requip, Tommy Haas said, “I saw him in Wimbledon a little injured and not working as usual, but he will make every effort to come back. I’m 100% sure that my goal is Wimbledon.

The Germans pointed out that the Swiss were still “hungry” for success and said they wanted the luxury of ending his illustrious career in his own words. “He’s happy,” Haas added.

“He has no reason not to do that. He knows it, he has a lot of gratitude. He loves life. But he is still hungry. He still has him coming back. He wants to be able to stop when he wants to do it and decide that it’s time to say he doesn’t like it anymore (because you’re losing too much).

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“We saw Roger Federer in Wimbledon …” says former ATP star. “We saw Roger Federer in Wimbledon …” says former ATP star.

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