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Webull Review


  • General information and first impression
  • Fund and account security
  • Webull registration
  • Webull’s trading platform
  • Financing and pricing
  • Trading products on Webull
  • Webull Customer Service
  • Conclusion

Webull Review 2021 – Is this broker good?


General information and first impression

Webull is a US-based cryptocurrency broker that also offers a variety of online broker services. It operates directly from the financial event center of 44 Wall Street Suite 501 New York, NY 10005 United States. Webull has been around since 2017. So Webull is already an experienced company, not a novice broker. However, we believe it is important to have the latest insights into the online brokers you may use. Therefore, a Webull review allows you to see the broker and its appearance and current state.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Webull takes the form of a more traditional online broker. In short, it has a wide range of services and excellent security features. However, Webull does a very poor job of presenting it to first-time visitors.

That is, the landing page has little relevant information about transaction specifications other than accessible material. The sections of the website are strange and overwhelming because the individual sections are too informative. However, at the same time, there is a lack of information on the overall terms and specifications of as a whole. Therefore, the broker gives a strange first impression.

Webull assumes that you have tried to take the minimal route that is popular in the design of online brokerage firms. But it’s very easy that it doesn’t work, and then you end up with a website that leaves more questions than it answers. It looks exactly like what happened with Webull due to the lack of basic information about trading and investment specifications. That ambiguity can be unfriendly to beginners who may not know where to find the information they need. However, the time it takes to learn about Webull can be frustrating for experienced traders.


Fund and account security

Fund and account security

Security is arguably one of Webull’s most powerful specifications. After four years of work, there were no serious data breaches or hacking controversies. This means that it is very unlikely that your funds will move after you deposit them in Webull. But that’s not all because brokers are one of the few brokers that don’t depend on a reputation for trust.

Instead, Webull is one of the few cryptocurrencies that could be licensed from official financial regulators. And Webull’s list is very long, including the top financial regulators in the United States. Webull operates under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It guarantees fair play on the part of the broker and promises heavy penalties if the company fails.

With such strong regulations, there is little else to say about Webull security. Customer support seems a bit overwhelming, but it’s a problem faced by most large brokerage firms. Webull hasn’t caused much controversy and was there to pick up the piece when Robin Hood dropped the ball. Overall, if there’s one place where Webull really stands out, it’s definitely the security it provides to its customers.


Webull registration


Unfortunately, signing up with Webull requires a phone number and confirmation immediately. That is, you can’t just look around to sign up, and you can’t register from an unsupported country. It is more difficult to thoroughly investigate the broker because you cannot confirm the exact function.

It is exacerbated by the fact that Webull is relatively ambiguous about its exact trading specifications. For many features, you need to go to either half the information or ignorance and know while using the service.

Webull is on the landing page[取引]You can use the buttons to mitigate some of the problem. This allows users to see the platform and its features. But it still leaves a lot to the imagination because they can’t use it.


Webull’s trading platform

As mentioned in the previous part of the Webull review, brokers can see the platform for free. You can also open the software as a guest on the website without having to register.

The software is very nifty and has most of the functionality that a similar brokerage platform does. A feature we especially liked was the screener, which displays assets with recent interesting developments. However, the interface is a bit confusing and new traders may take some time to figure it out.

Trading platform

For example, stock and paper transactions are on different tabs and users may not know which to choose. In addition, we could not find a comprehensive asset list. There’s a search bar so you can find the asset if you know exactly what you’re looking for. But we wanted to see an extensive list laying out all the options in front of you.

Our next complaint comes from the fact that only stocks have their own individual tabs. That is, new traders may not know how to access crypto or other trading instrument classes. Finally, the platform seems to be functionally fairly basic and lacks the analytical capabilities of other similar tools.

So, in many respects, the platform is a complete mistake, with ambiguous features and an overly complex interface. Please note that only the web version can be accessed. It’s unlikely that mobile and downloadable variations will be better, but it’s unlikely.


Financing and pricing

Financing and pricing

Webull pricing is decent, but don’t write anything. Their fees are slightly higher than the average brokerage, and deposits and withdrawals also seem to be charged. Therefore, they are not the most expensive crypto brokers, but also the cheapest. The price is transparent, at least because Webull doesn’t seem to add a spread on top of it.

One good thing we have to say about financing is that brokers don’t seem to have a minimum deposit requirement. This makes it much easier to use for new users than most brokers. However, as mentioned earlier in the Webull review, there are other features that are quite unfriendly to beginners. This creates conflict and the $ 0 deposit requirement is much less important than in other cases.

Overall, the broker has raised the money properly, but it’s not enough to see it as a particular advantage. For most traders, there are better brokers when it comes to pricing, and as we know, pricing has the most direct impact on the success of a transaction.


Trading products on Webull

As mentioned earlier, Webull reviews offer a wider range of options than most reviews. Cryptographic securities.. But that doesn’t mean that the broker is perfect. Because it does an inadequate job of presenting choices.many assets Unless you search for them, it’s difficult to find them straight, not on the platform.

It’s still pretty wide, so it’s not too far from the choice, but it’s frustrating because the brokers are so unfriendly. Still, the choice isn’t great because it lacks important asset classes. The list of asset classes on is as follows:

  • stock
  • option
  • ETF
  • ADR
  • Cryptography


Webull Customer Service

As mentioned earlier in Webull’s review, large companies often have problems communicating with their customers. Webull seems to be suffering from exactly the same problem as it may have expanded beyond the customer service team. This slows down answering questions and solving overall problems.

There is no need to explain how it can adversely affect the average user experience. After all, it may not have much of an impact, but poor customer support can have very bad consequences for users.


Phone number: +1 (888) 828-0618




The best thing about Webull is that you know it’s safe while you’re using a brokerage firm. That alone is a decent consideration for those with limited mediation options. Unfortunately, many EU brokers do not serve US customers, so for US people, there are not many brokers to choose from. In short, Webull looks better than it really is because it competes in a limited market.

But when you actually look at it, it doesn’t really stand out from the grain in any particular way other than safety. It can be confusing to keep some users away, learn and explore before starting a transaction. In addition, there is little personalization of a brokerage firm, and customers can only use one account type. Due to the limited variety of assets, the overall experience is not enough to express the skill.

Unfortunately, it’s not a good intermediary. Pricing is not a user-friendly aspect and is hard to get used to. So, after learning about Webull security, we had high expectations for Webull, but we can’t really admire it.

With few other options, Webull is a great intermediary to get the job done. However, we recommend that you make a little extra effort to consider other options to conclude your Webull review.

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