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52 MMA veterans who are accustomed to traveling Brian Gasaway He died at the age of 49.

Written by a friend of Gassaway late Saturday Facebook
That he passed. NS GoFundMe
Since then, a page has been created on Sunday for the Memorial Fund for the Gassaway Family.The news of his death has been confirmed by since then
MMA media member..

“It is a heartfelt sadness to announce the deaths of dear friends, teachers and mentors. Brian Gasaway“GoFundMe writes.

“Know that he helped you, not just you helped him,” he continued. “You were the reason he lived. You gave him a breath. He absorbed and learned your experience and shared it with the next student. As martial arts students and teachers, we Is the sum of our previous teachers and students.

“Brian leaves his wife and best friend Mimi, his mother, and his brother Wesley. Brian, our friend, our teacher, you will never be forgotten. With us and your knowledge. Thank you for sharing your experience. Thanks to you we will be stronger. We are brave. We are better people. How much do you mean to us? I hope you know. We love you, champion. “

Gassaway made its sports debut in 1996 and participated in a one-night tournament in Mississippi. He won the first two outings, both rear-naked choke within 100 seconds.Late that night he wasn’t enough Ultimate Fighting Championship Warrior Anthony Mathias By submission. The man known as “Mandingo” traveled around the world in his renowned mixed martial arts career and entered Japan. Pancrase Later that year, I went to Brazil and participated in the International Vale Tudo Championship Tournament.

Chicago’s indigenous people did not lose from 1998 to early 2000 and were undefeated in 14 games, scoring victories with the following names:
Travis Fulton And future UFC talent Joe Slick.. Returned to Pancrase in 2000, then Shooto Ring, he joined the ranks with himself on the map World Extreme Cagefighting Year 2005.With an accidental headbutt Los Evanes
His WEC debut didn’t take place in the contest, but Gassaway’s two subsequent submission wins in the regional scene punched his ticket to the UFC. At UFC 54, he entered the Octagon but suffered a stop loss because he was undefeated at the time.Diego Sanchez..

After being defeated in the UFC, Gassaway competed in various organizations across the United States and eventually returned to the WEC to take over. John Alessio
Its appearance did not go his way, but he continued to record several more victories before putting on his gloves in 2010.His last victory Bellator MMA 2010 Bellator 25 banner captures unanimous verdict Kevin Knavian..His last MMA fight Pride Fighting Championship Veterinarian Shungo Oyama, And he Incurred a submission loss It’s been less than a month since I defeated Knabjian. After leaving the competition, Gasaway was a trainer and coach in his hometown of Chicago. training Name like Shonie Carter..

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WEC, UFC Vet Brian Gassaway Dead at 49 WEC, UFC Vet Brian Gassaway Dead at 49

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