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And … I’m back!

First of all, I would like to thank Pete for filling out for me while enjoying the first week of childcare leave. In the end, I couldn’t convince my good half to call my son Patrick.It was that my son didn’t want to be my son The second-My favorite Patrick.

Week 12 had some shocking results. Let’s see how they affected the rankings.

This week’s voters are Mark Gunnels, Talon Graff, Ron KoppRocky Magaña, Jared Sapp, Bryan Stewart, Stephen Serda, Ethan Willinger, and myself.

1.1. Arizona Cardinals (1 day)

Speculation about the future of Cliff Kingsbury would have been an unwanted goodbye week. It would be interesting to see if it has a knock-on effect on the Bears.

2.2. Green Bay Packers (Third time)

This quote from Devante Adams on Odell Beckham is one of my favorites for the past season. I told him to go buy a cool park jersey. It was obviously his man and he wanted to be with him. ”

3.3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Second time)

Tom Brady offended Colts fans in Indianapolis. Some do not change.

4.4. Kansas City Chiefs (Four days)

No more excuses from the AFC West team. All four clubs played the same number of games — and what do you guess? The chief is alone in the first place.

5.5. New England Patriots (The 6th)

They have a real shot of being the first seed of AFC. Chiefs fans want to drop one or two games.

6.6. Dallas Cowboys (5 days)

Was the Cowboys peak too early?

7. Baltimore Ravens (The 7th)

This team can be 5-6 very easily. I am very lucky to be 8-3.

8.8. Buffalo Bills (The 10th)

Suddenly they are a forgotten team AFC playoffs photo.. I would call them sleeping giants.

10.10. Tennessee Titans (The 9th)

I don’t think anyone expects much from the Patriots from the Titans. Especially in their case there is a list of injuries.

11.11. Cincinnati Bengals (The 13th)

It must have been very pleasant to wipe out the Steelers.

12.12. San Francisco 49ers (17th)

Be confident in the 49ers vs. Chiefs before the season Super ball Please choose more than a month ago.

13.13. Indianapolis Colts (12th)

I had the opportunity to close the Titans gap. I think they are still trying to win the division.

14.14. Los Angeles Chargers (11th)

Justin Herbert is definitely a great quarterback, but Sunday’s disaster class would have been humble for him.

15. Minnesota Viking (14th)

Once again, they found themselves in another high-scoring case.

16.16. Las Vegas Raiders (21st)

The ultimate yo-yo team has won a Thanksgiving classic in Dallas. Bravo.

17.17. Denver Broncos (23rd) | This Week’s High Riser

When Broncos last defeated the Chiefs, I had no children. Now I have three.

18.18. Cleveland Browns (16th)

However. sit. Baker.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (15th) | This week’s big depression

I would like to hear the opinions of Steelers fans about Big Ben.

20. New Orleans Saints (18th)

Stick them with a fork.

twenty one. Philadelphia Eagles (19th)

They are willing to oppose the Giants, just as they seemed to be competing in the NFC East race.

twenty two. Washington football team (The 22nd)

all Our man, Kendall Fuller is a big success.

twenty three. Carolina Panthers (The 20th)

All optimism early in the season was wasted. The mat roll seats may be warm.

twenty four. Miami Dolphins (26th)

Did they have enough time to participate in the playoff race?

twenty five. Seattle Seahawks (24th)

Where will Russ “cook” in 2022?

26. Atlanta Falcons (25th)

Did anyone actually see the match with Jaguar?

27. Chicago Bears (27th)

Watch Andy Dalton save at least another week on Matt Nagy’s work.

28. New York Giants (28th day)

The paper upholstery over the cracks beats the split enemies.

29. Houston Texans (29th)

Look at the bright side. The Texans moved up in draft order.

30. New York Jets (The 31st)

They will be working hard to support their Seahawks opponents.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (30th)

Looking at the direction and plans, you may accept the growing pain of a new coach and quarterback. I can’t even see it at Urban Meyer.

32. Detroit Lions (32 days)

This season, Cairo Santos will be added to the list of kickers that have hurt Lions fans.

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Week 13 APNFL Power Rankings: Cardinals, Packers, Bucks, Chiefs Lead Week 13 APNFL Power Rankings: Cardinals, Packers, Bucks, Chiefs Lead

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