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Each week, we’ll take a closer look at Bucs’ attack and defense snap count distributions to assess what we can learn from who played the most and who didn’t play the most on Sunday.

This shows the team’s short-handed Detroit Lions 47-7 driving in the 16th week, with the Buccaneers playing the most and the least.

In such an explosion, Josh Wealth and Aaron Stiny were able to see the field with a left tackle and a left guard, respectively, so it was a good opportunity for Bucks to incorporate some of the backup into the game. I was surprised that Bucks didn’t try to get Tristan Wilfs out of the game as Joe Hague continued to play only as a tight end.

It was almost as surprising to see Mike Evans basically distanced with a wide receiver, but what the team wanted to be as close as possible to 1,000 yards humanly during the season. It was clear. Is it worth exposing him to a game that ended half-time before? Probably not, I got the charm of his record. Scott Miller and Tyler Johnson, like Tanner Hudson and Cameron Brate, where Rob Gronkowski sat most of the second half, won a significant portion of their blowout play time.

Ke’Shawn Vaughn rushed the team’s running back, with Leonard Fournette taking a break from a healthy scratch in the last three games of the blast. Bourne took full advantage of his opportunity and made an interesting decision to the Bucks coach when Ronald Jones returned next week. Will Fornet return to the inactive list after two barely stimulating starts (played a few good times as a receiver on Saturday)? My guess is that Bucc has made changes in the punt / kick returner and Kenjon Barner is sitting or Le Sean McCoy is back in RB4. I don’t think he can sit in Bourne after the flash he showed, especially given the poor running back depth in the first place.

The absence of Labonte David’s five snaps defeated a streak of ten games in which neither he nor Devin White were off the field. With more than 72% of the snaps played by the top nine defenders, this didn’t give much rest to Bucs’ defensive starters. With an explosive victory, Bucks made a fierce rotation in the internal defensive line, giving older veterans like Endam Kansoo, Steve McLendon, Wilgorston, and even Laquim Nunez Roche the necessary rest.

Andrew Adams and Cornerback Herb Miller covered the receiver deep in the end zone just before the end of the game and came up with a great interception of zone coverage in the fourth quarter. Jeremiah Redbetter and Anthony Nelson get their first career sack this week, Pat O’Connor made a notch two weeks before the first two weeks, and Bucks’ unprecedented depth of defense is a big way since the goodbye week. Appeared. And Miller’s first career interception was combined with Rothcockrel’s steady play as a team no. With four cornerbacks, Bucs’ secondary depth looked much better than we had imagined, even recently and even in the midseason.

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Week 16 Snap Count Analysis: Lions Bacchus Week 16 Snap Count Analysis: Lions Bacchus

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