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Bacchus won an overwhelming victory in all three phases of the game against the Bears at home. This was never really close, as Tampa Bay jumped into a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and never slowed down. Defense is a catalyst with four turnovers in the game, and Tom Brady found the end zone four times when Bucks won 38-3 and improved to 6-1.

This was the most impressive player in the game.

WR Mike Evans

Evans was playing a monster game for Bucks and couldn’t stop in the red zone and caught three touchdowns in the first half. When Tampa Bay entered the 20, whenever Tom Brady saw the road to Evans, it was the Bears Defense Curtain. Someone had to pick up some of the slack without giving Antonio Brown, and Evans did it without even sweating. Evans finished the day with six receptions and three touchdowns at 76 yards.

S Antoine Winfield Junior

After missing the last two games due to a concussion, Winfield certainly came back and looked happy. He quickly blitzed the edge of the game, got the first of the three strip sack of the game against rookie Justin Fields, and stamped the game. Winfield helped set the tone of what was the dominant game for defense. Winfield recorded two tackles. One is his first year, Sack, and the other is forced fumble.

RB Leonard Fournette

Bucs RB Leonard Fournette – Photo: Cliff Welch / PR

The stats may not pop out like in other games these days, but Fornet was once again strong with the Bucks attack. He launched an attack with a 15-yard rush on his first drive and recorded the first touchdown of the Bucks game on his next play. Once again, he was consistently reliable and rushed an average of 6.3 yards in a single attempt. He also had a key reception that went down first in the second half of the second half and set a third score for Evans in the game. Fornet finished with an 81-yard rush yard and touchdown, and a 9-yard receiving yard.

CB Dee Delaney and Pierre Desir

Bucs had to decide whether to start Delaney or Desir at the outer corner position, and Delaney rewarded it. He played with tight coverage in every match, intercepting the field in the first quarter, putting Bucks in a great field position and helping him climb 14-0. He ended the game with five tackles and intercepts before ending the game early with an ankle injury. When Delaney came out, Desire came and recorded his first interception as a Buccaneer.

OLB Shaquil Barrett

Barrett remains the best and most consistent pass rusher that Bucks has. He was responsible for the second stripsack in the Tampa Bay game and he recovered another fumble himself. The whole pass rush was great all afternoon and he was a big reason for that. He was also forced to make a key stop in the run game when the Bears were near the goal line and settle for a field goal. Barrett recorded three tackles, one bag and restored the fumble.

OLB Jason Pierre Paul

After recovering from the injury and struggling a few games, it was a vintage JPP performance on Sunday. He notched two sack in the game. This includes a third strip sack with Buccane Defense. His second sack was as exciting as Fields’ fourth downplay trying to escape Pierre-Paul’s clutch, but he was able to hold up and stop. If Buccane can keep this type of JPP moving forward, Pass Rush can take it to another level. He made four tackles, two sack and forced to fumble.

WR Jaelon Darden

Bucs KR-PR-WR Jaelon Darden

Bucs KR-PR-WR Jaelon Darden – Photo: Cliff Welch / PR

Bacchus trusted Darden after making him a major returnee with only one match experience. He took the first punt return 43 yards and immediately put Bacchus in the scoring area, proving that Bacchus was right. This was the longest punt return for the entire NFL season. Not just Buccane, but the entire league. Darden later got an end-around rush and showed off his speed with an attack moving up the field for the first down.

S Jordan Whitehead

In addition to the dominant defensive performance of Bacchus’ defense, Whitehead shattered the hope that the Bears would record a touchdown. Chicago moved down the field with a combination of solid drives, but on the fourth down, Whitehead took advantage of the path away from the receiver’s hands to do the rest. Whitehead recorded two tackles with one tackle for loss and pass cut.

QB Tom Brady

This is Brady’s most efficient game of the season, completing 55.5% of the passes. That said, he reached another milestone in his renowned career with 600 career touchdown passes and threw four TDs in the game. Throwing at least four touchdowns when Brady is at home is almost automatic. He finished the game by completing 20 out of 36 attempts for 211 yards and his 4 scores.

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Week 7 Bucs vs. Bears most impressive Week 7 Bucs vs. Bears most impressive

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