Weekend Hot Topic, Part 1: Best Horror Video Game Ever

Resident Evil-Still Strong (Photo: Capcom)

GameCentral readers are discussing their favorite horror-themed video games, from PT demos to alien isolation.

Since this week is Halloween, this weekend’s Inbox topic asked us to name our favorite horror games and what we’re most looking forward to from the next generation.

There were a lot of old favorites mentioned, especially various There are many optimistic views not only on Resident Evil and Silent Hill entries, but also on future Resident Evil Village, Medium and more.

Original and best
It may be a cliché, but for me Resident Evil is the best horror series. Yes, I wanted Silent Hill at Sony’s showcase, but were you excited when the Resident Evil Village trailer popped up? of course!

For me, the best thing about this series is how it is reinvented and remains relevant. Recreating the classic Resident Evil 2 and then treating it the same gave a whole new generation of gamers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Regieville.

The decision to make Resident Evil 7 first-person was criticized by some, but I enjoyed another sensation, so it firmly returned to horror. 5 and 6 felt like they occasionally ran around exploration games with zombies when they remembered that it was primarily a horror game.

7 is a very high quality addition to the story, jumping nothing while exploring the Baker Mansion in fear, and jumping further when something really happened.

I’m really looking forward to the village. You don’t have to wait, as Capcom has a habit of releasing Resident Evil games in the first quarter of this year. I hope I can petrify before Easter!

Fear the future
I think I was very optimistic about the future of survival horror. At least I was more optimistic than a few years ago. Both medium and scones look great and the Resident Evil Village is approaching. Shinji Mikami’s Ghost Wire: Tokyo is next year. I hope these Silent Hill rumors are true. The graphics of indie games are in a really good stage, so I think we can guarantee a stable flow in the future.

Perhaps it will be like a mainstream horror movie is a complete trash, and all good imaginative horror is made by an independent person. The only difference is that horror movies can be one of the cheapest kind of movies, but horror games are generally quite expensive because of all the weird visuals.

The indies seem to be copying, but the most effective horror game for me is still Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This certainly didn’t require a big budget because it was scary.

Golden age
Probably not a popular option, but the game that scared me the most was Forbidden Siren. I think it’s like a mix of Silent Hill and Project Zero, but I found it scary and very rewarding for some of the same people, although it was very silly and not very focused.

Resident Evil began in one of the last games of the golden age of survival horror. Therefore, I remember it very affectionately. Since then there have been many great horror games, especially in Dead Space 2, but I’ve missed those early weird experiments.

It’s a shame that most horror games today are by indie developers, but it still doesn’t look like Japan is actually doing indie in the way we understand it. It’s really disappointing because I always thought Japanese horror was much more effective.

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Camp out
Not too scary, but my favorite horror game is Resident Evil 4.

I have a favorite memory that it was released on GameCube. There weren’t many games available on the console, and it felt like a big deal back then.

The whole game is a camp blast and almost hammer horror fun. Its small Metal Gear Solid style peculiarity is impressive and it’s a lot of fun to play from start to finish, there are lots of good set pieces.

Mercenary mode was also a great idea and really extended the life of the game. This was clearly more important at the time when there weren’t many new releases.

I like how Capcom reinvented the series in Resident Evil 7, but I hope it will create another action-oriented third-person entry at some point.

GC: They are rumored to be working on a remake of Resident Evil 4.

Imperfect creature
This is a bit tricky, as my favorite horror game isn’t without the many issues that prevent it from becoming an all-timer. I’m a complete coward, so I don’t mind horror movies at all, but I generally don’t play horror games much. I think it’s a combination of the interactive nature of the game and the inability to see behind me in the first person, as opposed to the more passive nature of the film. Therefore, it is not possible to really know how close the danger is. Turn them off.

However, if you need to choose one as your favorite, there are many issues, but choose Alien Isolation. I love alien franchises and the look and feel of Isolation is perfect. It’s probably the best video game adaptation of movie properties. The artificial intelligence of the heterogeneous form itself is great, and there are lots of small tricks to give the impression that you are learning tactics while playing. The end result of this is a momentary bit of incredible tension, sitting in a rocker and holding your breath while your palms sweat and pray for unnoticed. Those bits are incredible, and if it were the entire game, it would be welcomed as a modern classic.

But it is unnecessarily buried. You can get rid of about 8 hours from the game, which would be better for it. There are at least two points that I can think of that the game ended successfully, but lasted for hours. And there really isn’t any reason for that, except that it seems worth the money to lengthen it, do I guess? But the opposite is true, turning the end of the game into an unnecessary slog.

So do you think my favorite horror game is the first 10 hours of alien isolation? If you like aliens, try this until it starts to fade, then stop. After that, you won’t miss anything.
H Hover (PSN ID)

Home alone
My favorite horror game is Dead Space 2. I just moved to my apartment and kept it on for a few hours before bedtime. The pure sense of horror I felt was almost enough that I didn’t want to play it, but as soon as you died and got over it, the horror disappeared and you just continued the game I can.

I really enjoyed talking about Dead Space’s on-rail shooter, but I wasn’t too scared. I’m looking forward to Resi 8, but I’ll play with my friends to relieve my fears.

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My dream woman
PT is arguably the most horrifying experience I have had and there are too many moments to list. I would also like to point out the discomfort when Lance McDonald hacks the game, finds a secret scene that isn’t used in the game, and posts it on YouTube. Lisa relaxing in the bath … except for her head. It’s a perfect horror piece and arguably Kojima’s greatest creation.

I’ll also mention Silent Hill 2 and 3, but both are pretty disturbing. I probably agree with the GC that my favorite is the original, but it’s not old enough that it looks a bit tame by today’s standards. 2 is a much better game than 3 in terms of both story and pace. The overall threat that unfolds when James sees him fall into his personal nightmare is very well implemented. It’s certainly one of the best game stories told, and it’s still up and running today.

I really liked that section of the lake. Determined, James was sitting on the boat while you were guiding through the fog towards the faint distant light. It’s a stunning scene of minimalism with almost complete silence that gives time to process his understanding of motives. What led him there and slowly noticed where he was almost heading.

But 3 definitely has the worst horror, and what stands out is the room with the mirror. Still, the blood-soaked Heather reflex freezes and gives me a tremor when the game decides to lock you in. At 2:00 am, if you play in a dark room just lit by the horror of CRT and turn off your PlayStation 2, you will not be able to sleep.

Resident Evil 7 in VR is great, but the second half ruins the really tense first half and eventually becomes a bit pointless by the time the final boss arrives. PT, however, is far worse. The man whose woman still haunts my dreams!

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Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Best horror video game ever

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