Weekend Hot Topic, Part 1: Best Things About the Next Generation

DualSense – Generation Highlights (Photo: Sony)

GameCentral readers will discuss the games and features that have been most impressed with the PS5. Xbox Series X.

The subject of this week’s hot topic asked what I think will be the highlights of the next generation of launches and what is the most encouraging future for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Most of the letters were about PlayStation 5, and the Dual Sense and launch game graphics were especially praised. So far, it’s nice to see that the majority are generally positive about most things.

Bonus function
As one of the few lucky people to get a PlayStation 5 on the release date, both ultra-fast loading and 60fps are great features.

But the most impressive to me is the DualSense controller. The biggest thing I’ve always missed because I don’t have an Xbox is a good joypad. However, the new PlayStation Joypad actually feels like an Xbox One, with the addition of tactile feedback and adaptive trigger bonuses.
Ian Davis

Great but ugly
To be honest, I can’t understand how badly Microsoft has ruined the launch of the new Xbox console. There is absolutely no ridiculous new game! Can you imagine what I said to someone a few years ago! ?? Well, even games that transcend generations seem to work better on the low spec PlayStation 5. Again, if part of your marketing is to emphasize that the console is the most powerful, you need to work with the developers to make sure it works best on your system.

The PlayStation 5 is incredibly ugly, but Demon’s Souls looks great and DualSense sounds like a big step forward, so it’s a fair play for Sony.

Good start
What impressed me most so far was the graphics of Demon’s Souls. They’re seriously great and much better than I expected (I’ve always hoped, but as a veteran of numerous console launches, I know it rarely pans out. ). All its details and robustness stand out. I know it’s a remake, but that simply means that the game design and controls are already solid. Those maps may have already been designed, but the way they came back to life two generations later is incredible in my opinion.

And this means that the latter half of the generation should get better a few times. It blows my mind (I can’t wait to see the Elden Ring) and is as optimistic as I’ve ever felt at the beginning of the launch of the new console. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, Sony was very well done.

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Suspicious indie stuff
I don’t have a PlayStation 5 yet, so all I can do is watch official and unofficial videos. But I think most of it was pretty impressed. Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls both look great in the streams I’m watching, and all streamers playing them seem to think DualSense is really good. In fact, I have never read or heard what was said about it.

I was also impressed with Sony’s only trailer. I know it has a reputation for being announced too early, but I do know how to cut a good montage. I’m interested in most of what they announced in their first rebirth, but many will probably turn out to be suspicious indie.

Overall, I was convinced I wanted it, but now it’s just a matter of finding money and having inventory.

Almost perfect
I told myself I wouldn’t pre-order the PlayStation 5. Most games are cross-generation and you don’t actually need to order a PlayStation 5. We also don’t trust Sony to get the hardware right for the first time. And I don’t just mean a software crash or a defective unit. This is a danger of standard early adopters. This means a genuine design flaw that will be fixed in later versions, such as the jet engine PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, which do not allow HDR passthrough.

So, of course, I was caught up in the hype of the launch and received a brand new PlayStation 5 delivery last week. And so far it has been great! Quiet whispers and fast loading times are revelations! Especially the number of deaths in Demon’s Soul! DualSense is also much better than I expected, and Astro’s Playroom is a great game to show off its features.

It’s also great to have a lot of games targeting 60fps, including backwards compatible games like Days Gone and Ghost Of Tsushima. Improve them endlessly. Unfortunately I can’t comment because I haven’t played anything in ray tracing yet.

But not everything is perfect. Nothing serious, but I’ve experienced some software crashes. I don’t really like the user interface. It’s certainly snappy, but the design seems to be a step back from the PlayStation 4 version, with no signs of folders or custom themes. The integrated store is still fast, but it seems that the section available on the PlayStation 4 is missing. Can’t you really see the latest discounts?

Overall, I was really impressed with the lack of regret for the buyer. It really feels like a generational improvement over the PlayStation 4. And the amazing quality of the launch title is a really good sign for the next release in 2021.

Moderate excitement
I know the GC tried to make this hot topic nonpartisan, but let’s face it. No one will be enthusiastic about the Xbox Series X. “Wow, I love Assassin’s Creed Valhara not working like the PlayStation 5!”

But I’m sticking to Microsoft’s machine (which I don’t own yet) and say I’m really looking forward to The Medium. The use of SSDs is really innovative and is an idea we’ve ever wanted to see more. Unfortunately, it’s late next year, but that’s the launch of the Xbox Series X.

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Personalized console
It’s a bit of a high-level answer, but what impressed me most about the next generation was the same as I was most impressed with Nintendo since the launch of the Switch, which big players In the end it’s the way it looks like you’re doing exactly the same thing as I do. d I want them to do it.

I never owned a PlayStation 3, and even after announcing the fact that the PlayStation 4 missed Demon’s Souls, I considered buying many other exclusive products, but it makes more sense to get a successor. It’s good. Somehow you can play most of those games.

Of course, that hope was rewarded in the PlayStation 4 era, with one obvious exception. Not only is Demon’s Souls completely up to date, but it’s one of the best games of 2020 and looks like the best showcase for the PlayStation 5, so I’m actually a better start now. I think I couldn’t ask for a generation.

Microsoft hasn’t yet begun to fulfill its next-generation promise in a meaningful way, but it’s clear that at least this time it’s trying to build a more relevant first-party talent pool. This is exactly what I want. From them. The PlayStation 5 seems to be a huge success at first, but the fact that you might consider getting a Series S or X in the next few years, as some killer apps may actually appear, is better than the Xbox One. Is already advantageous.

The story is often oversimplified by people who visualize the console market as an athletics podium, but I don’t think Sony’s success is inversely proportional to Microsoft’s success, and eventually the new Xbox is the Xbox 360 number. You can see that we are doing the above.

As I suggest, it’s reminiscent of Nintendo finally doing what I’ve been wanting for years. This returns to the non-linear exploration and experiment-based gameplay left behind after Super Mario Sunshine.

It’s a bit selfish, but after spending a lot of time chasing others, it feels like all these companies are finally doing their best to appeal directly to me, and which gamer Can’t be satisfied with it?

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Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Best thing about the next gen

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