Weekend Hot Topic, Part 1: Classic Game Replay

Zelda: Breath of the Wild-Play for the first time only once (Photo: Nintendo)

GameCentral readers can imagine which game they would return to if they could somehow erase the memory they played in the first round.

The subject of this week’s hot topic was proposed by reader Stone Cold Steve Austin. That’s impossible (unless you know someone who is really good at hypnosis), but it was interesting to see the games people want to experience for the first time.

The most common choices were classic epics such as FINAL FANTASY 7, Soulsborn Games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Many admit that playing old games again is not so much fun if you have knowledge of modern games.

The first time is the best
I want to erase the memory of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and regenerate it fresh. It’s a game that takes hundreds of hours, but the first time is the best. It was very exciting to come across enemy camps, strange landscapes, and dragons. It was the last game that really captivated me, so I sat down at work and wondered where to explore the map that night.

Some games, such as fighters and Bayonetta, get better by relaying them. But like many movies, it’s always best to play Breath of the Wild for the first time.

Best generation
I can’t split (and really) my two favorite games from the previous generation. I want to erase both memories so that I can enjoy everything again for the first time.

Bloodborne and God Of War (2018) surprised me, and I’m so eager to remaster Bloodborne’s PlayStation 5 and can’t wait for God Of War 2 … Bloodborne’s sequel probably causes me Die with pure bliss.

Both games were all I wanted from the game. Beautiful art design, deep folklore, a fantastic game world, and action / combat that continues to reveal layers of depth that never existed before.

I appreciate both PlayStation 4 Classics so much that the other Bloodborne (Japanese Game of the Year over £ 100) is hoping to stack trophies and get another Bloodborne Platinum. I bought a copy of the area. Or two (sadly didn’t work). And as for God of War, I went back and started all the old games. Two PlayStation 2 collections (God Of War 1, 2, Chains Of Olympus, Ghost Of Sparta) on PlayStation 3, Ascension on PlayStation 3, and God Of War 3 on PlayStation 4. completely It’s a different game than 2018, but I’m really enjoying it.

If the PlayStation 5 generation can offer some more exclusivity to the Bloodborne and God Of War levels, it will be another long generation of Xbox.
Colonel Kilgore 69

One day
This is tricky. Some of my favorite game memories go back to the original PlayStation era. However, I would like to relive the incredible experience of playing FINAL FANTASY VII and Metal Gear Solid for the first time, but considering how much things have progressed, I don’t think they will have the same effect now. !! !! So, instead of experiencing something fresh in 2020, I would like to recreate my old favorites with the warm glow of nostalgia.

Instead, my choice is the last guardian. It’s rarely mentioned recently, but it’s the first game I’ve played on the PlayStation 4, and yet, in my view, it’s one of the best (and most underrated) games of its generation. is. A beautiful game with stunning storytelling, I’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster all the time. I don’t usually care about the characters in the game, but I’m surprised that I felt a real bond with Toriko, and it’s not embarrassing to say that I kept my eyes open until the end! It’s probably the only game that really came to my mind for days after I finished it.

When Toriko didn’t immediately follow your instructions, I never felt the frustration that other players had said. For me, the whole game helped make him feel like a living breathing creature. I know a lot of people like Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, and I love them too, but for me the last guardian is Ueda’s masterpiece. I’ll replay it someday, but I think this kind of game is always the most influential in the first play.

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Hypnosis story
I want to play again without knowing The Last Of Us (what are you imagining here, are you hypnotized, what?). I’m not good at game stories and can’t stand role-playing games, but I love the first The Last Of Us and the characters in it. But playing it is not the same. Not only do you know what’s going to happen, but to be honest, gameplay is a kind of basic thing, and the second time I’m not very interested.

Curiously, I also wanted my mind to be wiped out of the sequel … and leave it alone. I always thought the story didn’t need the second part, and I wasn’t surprised that the sequel was just a bloated mess that made me hate all the old and new characters.

You are never the same
This question is always of interest to movies as well as games. For example, if you stop thinking about Star Wars, would you get the same response? You may like it, but it’s literally a completely different mindset than when you first watched a movie as a kid, so you can’t have the same experience. And it doesn’t take into account your situation at the time, the people with you, and other modern films.

It’s a little different, but it’s the same in games. I rarely remember, at least, far beyond the superficial details of the game’s story-usually because they’re not very good-so that’s not too much of a problem already. However, games get older much faster than movies. This is the memory you are actually trying to erase.

Take God of War 2018 as an example. That’s a good story, but I’ve probably forgotten most of the details so far. The gameplay was good, but the battle was already a bit shallow and the enemies were very repetitive. I think it will be more noticeable than it was then. Or, The Witcher 3 is probably even worse. The battle wasn’t impressive anymore, but it’s now very old-fashioned and will probably even ruin the game. It’s not a wipe to play again, but that’s exactly why I support remakes like Demon’s Souls.

Strange memories
Because of its surrealistic story based on murder and conspiracy, I would like to experience the 25th District: The Silver Case again.

Another great piece of Suda51, killer7 and No More Heroes.
Koyomiwa (PSN ID)

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Last memory
For me, this is FINAL FANTASY 7.

Everything in this game was special. Great graphics (at the time), great atmosphere of professional composer music (which I still listen to), long and epic stories, and how deeply you can customize the whole party with different weapons. And materia.

This wasn’t the first Japanese role-playing game I played (Shining Force 2), but it was the first game I’ve been with me since I finished playing. More than 20 years later, I’m still talking about it!

Much of this is clearly related to the age at which I played it (early teens) and there is no way it can stand up today. It didn’t start up even if I tried to play it about a year after it was first completed. The first disc wasn’t finished either. The second time wasn’t that special. And Final Fantasy 8 didn’t have the same effect.

The game is also technologically and conceptually advanced. The appearance of the character’s three different looks (normal, battle, FMV) is strange today and I hate random battles (although for some reason it’s still a problem in some games, right?).

I haven’t played the remake yet – wait until they make 3/5 / but many parts all! It doesn’t have the same effect as the original, of course, but from everything I’ve seen and read, it seems to be made almost perfectly – a respect for the original that deserves it, and that it is itself.

Also, a loud cry (in order of release):

Daytona USA – Nothing beats flying that oval truck for the first time. There is a blue sky of Sega, and in the last corner you win by hitting your friends against the wall.

Metal Gear Solid-I felt like I was playing a movie. Serious story (I felt that way at the time!), Huge production value (great music), and very innovative (Psycho Mantis is reading a memory card and looking for a box) Codex frequencies, etc.) Feeled the “next level”. Metal Gear Solid 2 was disappointing to me, and I haven’t played it since.

Resident Evil 4 – Absolute explosion from start to finish. This adrenaline rush type game is always the best when you first experience it. Really like the rest of my life!

Unknown 2 – For almost the same reason as Resident Evil 4.

The Walking Dead Season 1 – Due to its incredibly emotional ending, that level can only be affected once. This game started the tradition of playing this kind of game with my wife, and Telltale himself and no one else could completely repeat the trick. The Twin Mirrors reviewed this week, however, look great.

F1 2019 – Finishing your first online race in 2 seconds, within 2 seconds of the leader after the absolute roller coaster of the race, is an experience I want to do again (I want to win!).

I noticed that I was a little greedy here – I’m sorry!

Last but not least, if you can’t contact us this month, thank you again this year. Have a Merry Christmas.

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Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Replaying classic games

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