Weekend Hot Topic, Part 1: Favorite Video Game Hero

FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake-Cloud is a really nice person (Photo: Square Enix)

GameCentral readers are discussing the most memorable video game protagonists, from Leon S. Kennedy to Life is Strange Max.

The subject of this week’s hot topic was suggested by reader Grackle. He asked who was having the most fun and why. How much does their visual design and gameplay ability affect it? Also, how important is it to like the hero of the game you are playing?

There was an interesting combination of a hero with a well-defined personality and another hero that is a colorful avatar or blank slate for you to mold. This means that along with the Resident Evil Pantheon and Bayonetta, both Gerald and Link have become equally popular.

No conflict
I think everyone was shocked that FINAL FANTASY 7 remake was done in the same way, but what really surprised me was how much I liked the character. It turns out that this is almost impossible in modern Final Fantasy games. Tifa loves little parties and no one can imagine who doesn’t hate wedges, but he loves Barrett, Aeris, and especially Cloud.

I was convinced they would make the cloud some kind of intolerable edge load, but he was a really decent game. Confused and uncertain, gradually his tough man’s actions disappeared and everyone realized that he was actually very defenseless and innocent. All characters have changed and evolved throughout the game. This is much more than the original character, and I love Aeris too.

It is very important that you play for dozens or dozens of hours in the game. Therefore, recently, it was extremely important to give up most of the Japanese role players and enjoy the remake.

Die for the dark side
The main character of my favorite video game must be Ryo Shenmue. The wide range of facial expressions and voice intonations he shows throughout the game really draws you in and makes him relevant as a realistic 3D figure.

Now that the irony is out of the way, the actual answer (more or less from the top of the head) is Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher, especially Michael Ironside. Why can’t you feel completely bad when your character’s voice comes from an unclean combination of gravel and steel?

I love the light touch of Sam’s portrayal and have just the right amount of humor to joke with his Quip and support team. This is carried over to the interaction with the enemy, but when he emerges from the shadows there is an unparalleled undercurrent of threat, quietly stalking, then putting his neck in a grip-like vice for decades. With the precision born from the experience of moving like a human-shaped leopard.

If I was the growl of an unnamed video game, it’s Sam who wants to choke me (Oh, raise a kid!)

Everyone loves Leon
It’s very important to me that I really like the characters that play like games.

I hate characters so much that I quit games like Grand Theft Auto!

I choose Dante because I want to spend time playing games with people who really want to get along in real life (only from Devil May Cry 1-he’s too subtle to my taste in later games!), Bio Hazard 4 Leon S. Kennedy and Uncharted Game Nathan Lake.

All three are wise and good-looking men, heartfelt, and despite being a villainous thief, all three are respectable and heroic.

Play different games to complete the story and win trophies, then move on to new things, but I always come back regularly and hang out with these guys!

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The general public
I think Life is Strange’s Max and Chloe have been the most influential to me in the last few years. I generally don’t like story-only games, but I was really attracted to playing the free demos. Max is very different from most female game characters. She is not a villain warrior trying to surpass all men. She is a normal, somewhat shy young woman with everyday worries (and certainly a time-controlled superpower).

Like many, I didn’t like Chloe so much in the first game that it turned out to be too intimidating and arrogant, but the day before it was all brave and in fact very much. You will find that you are a hurt and sympathetic character.

I’m worried that the two characters will be ruined, but I’d like to see them again in another game. It’s like fresh air to other video game characters.

Real character
I’ve only played one game in the series, but I’m having a hard time overlooking Geralt of Rivia as the best protagonist. I know it’s cheating because he was first the leader of a series of books and now also has a TV show. This means he has a slightly more subtle nuance than most game leads.

What I like about Geralt is that he’s not a perfect hero, and despite his specialty in monster hunting, he’s essentially just a travel sword. He is less favored and some people are openly offensive to him, yet he is trying to avoid unnecessary conflicts. He is willing to not only complete his quest for money, but even release intelligent monsters if he finds it inappropriate to kill them.

In general, Geralt seems to be trying to get the most out of the bad situation and always trying to find the best moral solution, even if it’s usually unclear which way is right. Then he is a realist who accepts what went wrong when he inevitably makes poor choices. The Witcher 3 is probably the only game you can honestly say that you didn’t reload your saves to select other options. It’s not just Geralt, but also good game design.

In general, I interact with other people in the game and prefer preset characters that have personality traits. Making decisions for others and how I look at them, rather than playing as a blank slate character that inevitably turns out to be a very good Paria by the end of the game I think it’s more interesting to try to keep it. That’s because, in general, bad choices in the game are comically evil and I never chose them.

I’m not too bothered by customization options. I’m not wasteful enough to make a character that looks like me, so I generally make people who look as far away from me as possible. This usually means women and blacks or Asians.

Also, even iconic characters like Link can’t really see the points of a silent, non-customizable character. What are the points of a fixed character when there is no personality? Even Mario speaks, and he definitely has far less reason than Link. I’m starting to think that Link hasn’t really learned to speak, he’s just staring at people vaguely until he stops speaking. I think this explains why Hyrule spends 200 hours collecting Korok seeds and exploring the shrine instead of helping Zelda.

Also noteworthy is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Cassandra.

Do you agree, Zack?
For me it has to be Francis York Morgan. The original version of Dead Premonition was a revelation to me as I had never enjoyed so many obvious flaws. York’s character is great and he’s not particularly well written or vocalized, but somehow the game goes along with this surprisingly surreal atmosphere, which is a half-intended, half-complete accident. It has become.

But while the sequel isn’t close anywhere, York is still great. As far as I’m concerned, this solidifies him as the greatest person ever.

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General anger
I think characters playing video games are important because they can spend tens to hundreds of hours. For me, there is a serious break in the game if your character is irrelevant. A good example: Kratos. He may have redeemed some himself in the latest God of War, but his portrayals in all previous games were completely disgusting. Playing as a delightful, misleading murder machine is not the same as having fun.

This issue also reminds us of the evolution of the Prince of Persia character, who has evolved from an Aladdin-inspired hero to a completely unattractive character designed to appeal to angry teens. GameCentral’s own words about Warrior With Inn described the prince as “a roaring, angry, improbable fool.” Which Ubisoft Design Committee has agreed to be a fun way to enjoy the 12-15 hour campaign?

Nathan Drake is a counterpoint to both of these examples, and as a study of how to create a likable protagonist. He can still increase the number of murders of thousands, but his friendly and quick adventures in exotic places show his humorous and unwavering optimistic personality. He is the adventurer we all want.

It is discreet, self-deprecating, one-liner, quick, and charismatic on almost the same scale. Naughty dogs can feel like they’re obscuring the lack of game content with a ton of styles, but boys, do they know how to bring style? And the game becomes more enjoyable when the player actually has a favorite character (note the game industry).

As storytelling, media video games are still evolving. The debate over whether our hobby is art will continue for some time. But the game is definitely more adventurous and more confident. The stories and characters in The Witcher or Metro games are multi-layered, complex, and ambiguous. They are not just good or bad. A hero who kills a villain. This depth enriches the game world and deepens the connection with the player.
ProEvoSan78 (PSN ID)
PS: We look forward to future titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 as a game that is likely to provide a strong narrative connection between the player and the protagonist. Personally, I feel that the first-person perspective is receding in this regard, but others feel that they are becoming more immersive in the first-person. It will be interesting to see what the reviews are saying.

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Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Favourite video game hero

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