Weekend Hot Topic, Part 1: Opinions of Unpopular Games

Surely everyone loves The Legend of Zelda? (Photo: Nintendo)

GameCentral readers discuss the most controversial opinions about video games, from rock star disrespect to the aversion to rare.

The subject of this week’s hot topic was suggested by reader CarrotCakeIsYum (PSN ID). What does he disagree with about the game, the developer, the console, or any other quality of the game?

We have certainly made many suggestions that go against common wisdom, but the two most common seem to be overrated by Rare and The Last Of Us.

You, not me
That’s strange to me, but I haven’t heard from many people who don’t like Zelda games. I’ve been sunk in “links to the past” and “breath of the wild” for hours, but I don’t have a sense of fun and it’s a chore. I understand the greatness and depth of the game, but I personally don’t like it, so I really want to like it.

Also an old school classic game.Whenever I play New arrival For one, like Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country, I can’t get into it, but for the first time I can play my favorite games. Super Mario World and Bubble Bobble all day long. Only me? !!
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Rare opinion
This was certainly not public opinion, and I’m not sure how it’s been seen these days, but I don’t understand why Rhea is so highly regarded. In other words, that’s right. Their graphics were really good before, but the only games I’ve enjoyed so far are GoldenEye007 and Perfect Dark, which are very different from normal output.

In the N64 era, I didn’t really understand why all the other games were clones of Nintendo’s games. If you are very good, why do you keep copying the company that owns you? Banjo and Kazooe also had the same level of theme, like Super Mario 64. Sure, the graphics were great, but they didn’t play nearby.

It’s getting worse these days, so I don’t know how most people actually see it, but when I see them involved, I know they’ll automatically lose interest in the game. I will.

Shake the boat
Controversial opinion? OK, how about rock stars being terrible at making video games and telling stories? It’s great to create an open world and write conversations, but that’s only half the equation, and when it comes to using those skills to create compelling stories or games that play something above average. Desperate.

Grand Theft Auto doesn’t even have such a plot or story. Nothing is built with just a long series of vignettes that are barely connected. And the points they were trying to make with Red Dead Redemption 2 are lost due to the hours of pointless side stories and the fact that most of the important character development takes place off-screen. Then you need to spend another 12 hours at the end of the slow realization that the whole point of the game is to segue at the start of the first game, in a way that doesn’t add any additional insights to John Marston’s character. there is.

And don’t start me about gameplay. Terrible close quarters combat, barely capable gunplay, and a floating auto mechanic. When it comes to Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, it’s not fun to play from a gameplay perspective. It’s fun to ride, drive and enjoy the amazing world created by rock stars, but is it fun to play? I can’t think of any other popular game with bad mechanics.

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X indicates failure
The opinion of my unpopular game is that Microsoft hasn’t done anything good to the game for years. I hope the Xbox Series X will fail.

I owned the first two Xbox consoles, but apart from the Red Ring of Death, I got a lot from both. But the Xbox One revealed that the PR catastrophe really afflicted them, and since then I haven’t considered buying their console.

Rather than trying to learn from the Xbox One failure, they doubled and released an even less interesting platform. This seems to be the least USP of the major consoles in living memory.

Not many people have bought the Xbox One, so other than marketing, I don’t know how they’re proposing to make a console that’s not much different from the Xbox One. To me, Microsoft, or certainly their Xbox division, has begun to behave like late-stage capitalism in your stereotype-the United States, which has been very disappointed by organizations that have been innovative market leaders for many years. Illustrates a large company in the United States.

I don’t think Sony behaves that well. You can certainly level out some of the same criticisms about the lack of innovation (especially PlayStation 4). The game £ 69.99 is very suspicious. However, DualSense and some proprietary products seem to be at least trying to provide a new experience, rather than just trying to accomplish the game path and gradual improvements. This seems to be Microsoft’s current strategy.

Fall off a cliff
The opinion of my unpopular game (at least according to official reviews) is that FINAL FANTASY 7 remakes are actually pretty boring.

My main headache is that the storyline has changed (though I’m grateful that I had to add a new twist, not because I messed up the classic), but the character grunts for security. Having struggled to lower it, he jumped over time and space to destroy the fate itself.

Also, in almost every chapter, at some point the protagonist fell off the shelf and was caught by another character in a cheesy and repetitive cutscene.

I felt the variety, side quests, and freedom weren’t enough, but all the reviews I read and many online comments show how great it is.

Maybe I’m just old.
Michael, Crawley

Bad dog
Last Of Us isn’t the only one.

I recently completed The Last Of Us Remastered. This has been in the backlog for a long time, so I feel that I had to pay the time and attention appropriate for the game, especially given its reputation and reputation.

Most of the time I enjoyed gameplay – I got out of the back of Uncharted and felt familiar with using a modified version of the game’s general gameplay system, but still my own There have been enough changes to give it an identity. I liked the generally slow pace of gameplay, I felt it fits well with the horror / survival atmosphere overall.

But the story is … this game is legendary about how emotional a roller coaster it is, and to me it really lives and dies on this hill. The opening moment was incredibly charged and it definitely took a breather to set the tone, but all subsequent twists and turns were so predictable that the game would match it again. I don’t feel like it has become. It doesn’t spoil the important plot points, but it goes without saying that I was really disappointed because I expected it to be blown away given all the hype. Gameplay alone is not enough to sustain this game. Float.

I haven’t played The Last Of Us Part 2 yet, but it’s about to start. There are quite a few negative opinions about it, so I’m half expecting it to be miles better. cheers!
DevilsNeverCry (PSN ID)

Playable is next to non-playable
Super Mario 64 is garbage. The levels are sparse and boring, even if they aren’t rendered so they can’t be played on a terrible camera.

Ocarina of Time is not the best Zelda-it’s clearly a link to the past.

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Partially contrarian
I don’t think I’m (totally) contrarian, but I find it difficult to stick to one potentially controversial view. We have selected some common highlights and some more specific highlights.

  • Immersion It should not be the Holy Grail of the game. In a way that at least most people immerse themselves in hardware. You can give me a holodeck and I’m certainly very impressed, but if the game doesn’t have an attractive design in terms of mechanics and construction, it’s probably a failure. Immersion … is a holy grail of something, but it doesn’t have to be a game. The amount you do on a 6-inch screen when lying on the couch shows that.
  • The quality of the movie should not be the Holy Grail of the game. It’s great to have a skill and interactivity element (eg Sekiro). Not so often if the climax of the game consists of weird button prompts during a state-of-the-art motion capture sequence. And speaking of Naughty Dog …
  • Great stories and characters shouldn’t be the Holy Grail of the game. When I hear many times that “the game needs a good story”, I wonder what I think is a good story. I valued The Last Of Us story more than anyone else, but if you’ve had more than one good book, movie, or TV show, how important is the 1999 story? I don’t know if it will be an element. Percentage of games when more can be appealed about the game.

The more specific highlights are:

  • Difficulty settings cannot be set for FromSoftware games. Those who reject this argument do not seem to understand that it is not about elitism or the general position of setting difficulty. Specifically, it’s about the From game, where the basics of the game (statistics, inventory, weapons, clothes, and even location) are closely informed and the challenge gives meaning. Adding Easy Mode (beyond the already existing means of mitigating difficulty) risks simplifying any of these factors. The decision you made regarding any of the above has lost a count of the number of games that lack weight or meaning. When thousands of games are already in play, you shouldn’t be forced to compromise on the basic principles of the game in the hope of more viewers.
  • If CD Projekt Red is one of the best developers, it’s only because of Cyberpunk 2077. Because it’s not the Witcher game’s fault. That said, I was a little worried about this week’s cyberpunk footage. The city, especially the interior, looks surprisingly empty, and some character models look pretty bad. Facial animations often appear to be completely mouth-only. The conversation was always terrible. And most importantly, I’m worried. The actual gameplay doesn’t look that exciting.
  • Vanquish is the best platinum game. I also love Bayonetta, but I’ve tried several times to figure out why it’s more than a disposable arcade fighter. I think they have a little blind spot to help some of us quickly understand what the real essence of their game is, and I think they finished within a few hours Hopefully I really hated Astral Chains and Metal Gear Rising to start them. Vanquish was the only one I played and soon wanted more, and the momentum didn’t break within a few chapters.
  • GoldenEye 007 is the only true classic Rhea has ever made (and hasn’t forgotten Perfect Dark, Banjo and Kazuye). Leave it hanging at the end …

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Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Unpopular gaming opinions

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