Weekend Hot Topic, Part 2: Opinions of Unpopular Games

The Last Of Us – Not Universally Loved (Photo: Sony)

GameCentral readers discuss the most controversial opinions about video games, from hating The Last Of Us to loving the Wii U.

The subject of this week’s hot topic was suggested by reader CarrotCakeIsYum (PSN ID). What does he disagree with about the game, the developer, the console, or any other quality of the game?

We have certainly made many suggestions that go against common wisdom, but the two most common seem to be overrated by Rare and The Last Of Us.

Not 10/10
I think I’ve mentioned this earlier here, but my unpopular opinion is that I think The Last Of Us is ridiculously overrated. The graphics are great, the acting is one step ahead of what you would normally see in a game, and obviously a lot of time and effort is spent, but as a game I really don’t know what’s so special about it. .. The gameplay is repetitive, there are only a handful of enemy types, and it takes a very long time to push the box around in the water.And what’s worse in my mind is the game cheat..

You spend 10 minutes in a desperate duck and cover shootout with a bunch of enemies, but when you kill the enemies you find that they all mysteriously fell to the last bullet. Not to mention the monster closet that spawns enemies when carefully stealthing a section (carefully placed Molotov tested that theory in one of my many attempts, a particular section).

Then there’s the constant immersive destruction that Joel carefully sneaks up between the covers while Erie runs around like a headless chicken in the enemy’s clear view. When Naughty Dog seems to spend a lot of time on all other aspects of the game, it’s completely unknown how it was left behind.

Nonetheless, I didn’t hate the game at all, I enjoyed some of it quite a bit, especially the end I thought was a surprisingly modest way to go. I just couldn’t understand love and the massive overflow of 10/10 it got, which is why it’s my unpopular opinion!
Sparkly yak

Malignant effects
This is not what I usually admit. Because, nevertheless, I don’t want to encourage console wars, but I’m very happy if Microsoft hasn’t entered the gaming industry. I don’t appreciate what they did or the impact they had on the game. The focus on online and multiplayer has all come from the Xbox 360 era, as well as endless first-person and third-person shooters with bald spaceships and endless screaming Americans.

I understand it’s a balance of Japanese influence, but I’m much more interested in what Sony and Nintendo have always had to offer. So while many of Sony’s are American, they never look as uncomfortable and frivolous as Xbox games.

I also don’t like Microsoft as a company clearly having no interest in games. It’s a way for Sony to achieve its goals, which Sony has admitted from the beginning when it entered the business to stop “taking over the living room.” I think the lack of passion for pushing games that are neither American nor British and their absolute refusal are the reasons why they never beat Sony. The Xbox Series X will not be different.

Purple handbag
The GameCube has always had a reputation for disappointment, but it’s still one of my favorite consoles, with far more titles than the endlessly popular Wii.

Perhaps it helped that Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda tact seemed to be the most enjoyable, but Nintendo’s little purple box had some really great games. When it comes to single player, there’s Metroid Prime, F-ZERO GX, Biohazard 4, Eternal Darkness, Pikmin, and my brother and I have been playing something like Mario Kart for hours: Double Dash, Super Monkey. Ball 2, Mario Party 4, Super Smash Brothers Melee.

In fact, I probably spent more time playing GameCube games on the Nintendo Wii than Wii games …

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Whether Tb or not tb
I said this earlier on these pages, but I’m Soul Caliber, Powerstone, and Project Justice.

5 pounds. There was no way it would disappoint. Impossible. Hell, I was impressed to find an arcade cabinet for it a few years ago. I now tell you £ 5 I was overcharged by at least 10. It was trash. Well, Soul Calibur may have ruined me, but there was nothing here! I felt I would have been torn if I went straight to this from Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 3!

The game had no movelists, no unlockables, no character endings, and no single player worth it. It’s a very basic multiplayer with a cast of charismatic or uninteresting characters, and here’s their most boring, frowning, and boring. It was worthless and Sega should have been ashamed.

My big, controversial opinion is first person. I don’t like it. I tolerate it in Portal and Dishonored, but I like the way Bethesda role players offer third-party options to get a closer look at your character. Prefering the first person is one thing, and saying that it is more immersive is just an obvious lie or error.

If you don’t know where your character is in relation to the world around you, you don’t know what’s around you and you feel like you’re away from it. And I really hate it. So making role-playing games in the first person only, where character customization is an integral part of the experience, confuses me with its stupidity. And I don’t understand why it isn’t called anymore.

Learning opportunities
Perhaps my least popular game opinion is that the Wii U was a very good console. The concept was OK (but very flawed), but the timing and marketing was terrible. They were able to almost compete with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the technical level, but by the time the Wii U was released, they were clearly nearing the end of their own life cycle.

Gamepads were a reasonable idea as a kind of extension to the DS concept, but they were used on TV, but they were rarely used very well. ZombiU and Lego City Undercover were two games that stabbed it reasonably. I’ve never played Nintendo Land, but I think I’ve tried it too. I don’t really remember the Wii U ad, and I don’t think I would have bought it unless I was a Nintendo fan.

That said, the game library was very good. The first-party games were mostly great, and I wouldn’t blame Nintendo for re-releasing it on Switch. Definitely deserves more viewers. Third-party support was fine at first, but quickly ran out due to the commercial flop of the console. So I had to buy the Batman: Arkham and Assassin’s Creed games at a very reasonable price.

The virtual console support was also very good. Playing NES light gun games was great and there were some great arcade games like Capcom Dungeons & Dragons fighting games.

Miiverse was actually pretty good, so if they did that again, I would love it.

In summary, I really like the Wii U, but I’m glad that it seemed like I learned from that failure when Nintendo released the switch.

Don’t improve
I’m sure it’s because I’m terribly old and don’t care about multiplayer / single contraction games, but I think the whole 30/60 / 120fps discussion is totally irrelevant.

30fps is fine, thank you very much. Over time, you can get the best eye candy by continuing to use 30fps.
Antony Adler, London

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Unpleasant person
Some of my most disliked game opinions, or some of the game opinions, are pure snobs of comments from people who don’t understand the subject or think the game has a negative impact on people.

I feel that I am a good open-minded person and accept a lot of unusual activities and random things that happen in this world (for a reason). I feel that if you look at things logically and incorporate them, it makes sense, or at least gives you some understanding of the subject.

So why are comments about violence and other offensive behavior sometimes blamed on the game? It happens to be the individual’s particular hobby. An unpleasant person who does horrific acts can also be a sports enthusiast, or an artist who creates some sort of sculpture! I am convinced that the psychological aspects of a person are mainly due to certain tragic scenarios.

About game comments and views. “This game is for kids!” So obviously it should be unsuitable for adults! To be classified as a trusted gamer, you must be playing the game in a first-person or third-person genocide simulator. Gameplay is of utmost importance, no matter what it looks like. People need to overlook the perceived children’s games and discover something amazing. Animal Crossing is definitely such a game.

What are your criticisms and opinions about the actual game type? This can be combined with ridiculous hype branding and the use of the term “casual gamer”. League of Legends Players or First Person / Third Person Multiplayer – Are These Casual Gamers? In particular, if you don’t analyze exaggerated rumors from more compelling rumors and leave only the facts, slogans and hype train information can also hurt you.

The term for casual gamers is where it’s really confusing. Is it important if you are a so-called casual gamer? I play a lot of games for fun, others only occasionally, but there are also full-time streamer gamers. No one needs to be looked down on. People can play complex strategy games, while others just play shooters. Everything is fine and everyone enjoys the individual gaming experience. You don’t have to brand the type of gamer, just accept that their tastes are different from yours.

Today’s games are a very healthy and diverse hobby, and nothing has been better than this. So don’t form insulting or derogatory opinions about the type of game or people’s interests. If it’s a valid, informative and thoughtful opinion, then it’s fine, I’m interested in hearing it. If it enriches my game life, that’s all I can ask for.

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Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Unpopular gaming opinions

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