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Weekend Read: Buy GM and Sell Tesla

Even before the announcement partnership With Microsoft Corp.
+ 0.44%

Development of self-driving cars, shares of General Motors.
+ 0.58%

It was skyrocketing. Under the leadership of CEO Mary Barra, GM aims to compete in the new world of electric vehicles and plans to make 30 fully electric models available by 2025.

GM’s stake has so far increased by 34% in 2021, but Tesla Inc.
+ 0.20%

Following the staggering 743% performed in 2020, it has increased by only 21%.

Jeffreys gives 5 Reasons GM Stocks May Be On Toe With Tesla Stocks During 2021..

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Facebook may have cornered an explosive new market

Cody Willard is convinced that virtual reality will be a huge industry, based on his own experience of using technology to increase productivity.He believes VR can be a tremendous amount of money Facebook the case of
+ 0.60%

And its shareholders.

MoHaghbin, COO of Invesco Investment Solutions, explains how advisors can relocate their portfolios after the COVID-19 market crash and revaluate allocations as the global economy continues to recover.

How to Get a COVID-19 Shots for a loved one stuck at home

Arlene Weintrobe explains How to be proactive and protect..

Vaccine details:

What if your spouse is dying?

Alessandra Marit advises on a difficult subject, real estate planning. It’s not easy to postpone, but the pandemic emphasizes how important it is to sort out the problem before someone dies.This is Steps to take to plan a real estate before it’s too late..

Why use the S & P 500 Index Fund when you can do this instead?

Howard Gold lists niche and sector ETFs Significantly outperform SPDR S & P 500 ETF

Last 10 years — and some price volatility is lower than the benchmark index

President Joe Biden will speak at the 59th Inauguration Ceremony on January 20, 2021.

Pool / Getty Images

Biden’s 100 days

This is Summary of early actions by President Joe Biden and what to expect during his first 100 days in office..

Details of the new administration:

Amanda Gorman reads poetry during the 59th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony at the US Capitol.

Getty Images

Amanda Gordon Poetry

This is Full text of Amanda Gordon’s poem What she read during President Biden’s inauguration.

Green Investors Should Hold Oil Stocks

It is easy for socially responsible investors to conclude that they should simply avoid holding shares in oil producers and companies that appear to be contributing to global warming.But Many ESG money managers consider advocacy to be a better approach than selling, As Debbie Carlson explains.

Netflix turns the corner

Netflix Inc.

Close to a blow Significant financial milestones, As As Therese Polletti explains.

Crab Orchard National Wildlife Sanctuary

Courtesy Crab Orchard National Wildlife Sanctuary

Beautiful 10 acres

Silvia Ascarelli supports two disabled veterans wishing to retire in rural areas of at least 10 acres of land. I have a limited budget, but I have no debt. Here are three possible destinations..

Try MarketWatch “Where to retire” tool For your own customized search.

Google currently owns Fitbit — or is it?

Google Holding Company Alphabet Inc.
+ 0.45%

+ 0.52%

May go to Regulatory battleThe two companies have announced that they have completed the acquisition on January 14, as the Justice Department has never approved the acquisition of Fitbit.

More Political Controversy and Lack of Manners — At Disney World

Walt Disney Japan
+ 0.88%

We have temporarily closed the President’s Hall at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and added President Biden to the attraction.But Some believe that the attraction should be closed altogether due to the cheating of some visitors...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady celebrates his first down with New Orleans Saints in New Orleans on January 17, 2021.

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A big weekend for Brady

Brett Allens explains Why people exiled from work should be equated with Tom Brady He leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game on Saturday with the Green Bay Packers on January 24th.

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Weekend Read: Buy GM and Sell Tesla Weekend Read: Buy GM and Sell Tesla

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