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Weekend Reading: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire of Time?

What caught my eye this week.

NSThe gospel of FIRE is probably very widespread, as even those who suffer from the open concept of financial independence can quickly see the points of early retirement.

Put together in catchy acronyms like FIRE and Boom! A meme was born.

Just compare FIRE with the standard DCMPA strategy. This is a defined contribution to the minimum pension age and no one has ever entered it. It’s clear why FIRE is so large. Ticktaku, While organizing DCMPA documents, is at the bottom of most people’s ToDo list.

Still i I hate to subscribe In my own FIRE terminology. It’s partly due to my unique hipster snooty, but it’s also what moved my imagination to be financially independent, and it’s always like the second fiddle on the FIRE sales pitch. Because it looked like.

with some reason, Idyllic early retirement It’s not exciting enough for me to stay financially active, but the FU Fund / Death Star is in my back pocket.

I tried the term Financial Freedom and it seems that the phrase always has meaning. Maybe it sounds vaguely hippie?

Also, if Exactly Eligibility for early retirement is a can of worms for pedants to kick around, and then financial freedom is a mass of fish in a barrel for shooting a gun.

How free is it economically? Can I use the bus for free anytime, anywhere? Uber X? Are you free to catch your own private jet?

Discussing early retirees at Side Hustle is a child’s play by comparison.

Time bandet

I have now learned another term for a lifestyle that is “economically purposeful semi-loafing but with a healthy bank balance” I am..

Apparently, we have such a soul Time millionaire..

according to Parents this week:

First named in the 2016 column by writer Niran Janaloi Financial TimesTime billionaires measure their value according to the seconds, minutes, and hours they return from employment for leisure or recreation, not in terms of financial capital.

“Wealth can result in comfort and security.” Roy says. “But I wish we were taught to put as high a value on our time as a bank account, because how you spend your time and days is yours. Because it ’s how you spend your life. ”

Of course, a quick quick glance reveals that the term “millionaire of time” is not strictly defined. But I can definitely put off that concept.

Anyway, since some point, I’ve always valued my time (especially the ability to do nothing “productive” at all times) much more than putting extra money in the bank.

Best as a freelancer, I was a samurai level Time manager – Not to narrow down more work, but to narrow down more work timeouts.

When a friend asks why I quit my corner in a rat race, Waitrose has the ability to wander into the British Museum on Tuesday afternoon, or wait for one of its ropeless free coffees the day before the pandemic. It’s hard to explain what it is. Whenever you want – at least as inspiring as writing a novel or starting up.

In fact, I decided to take an hour for lunch, no matter where I was hired or working. No one else did – not consistently.

Their loss!

To make matters worse, many colleagues spent a lot of time. And working more than 12 hours every day is a particularly ridiculous strategy.Studies show that if you work more than 55 hours you Low productivity.. Extra effort is meaningless.

What’s more, even if you manage to squeeze out some useful efforts Parkinson’s law Eventually you will get you.

Life is easy

I don’t think the Time Millionaire term works. But I agree with that idea and my money is in my mouth.

Or rather, the money I didn’t get because I wasn’t working!

(Well, that’s an exaggeration-or isn’t it literally? Hey, we’re already talking far from booking because we’re talking about “millionaires” in time.)

Regular readers with great memories may remember that I quit my main job contract a year ago.I was going to spend more time growing Monevator, And various other early projects.

But even after 12 months, that hasn’t really happened. Anyway, not yet.

There are some good personal excuses for this, but I won’t cover them today.

Especially because I can’t help thinking that most of the time I’m busy doing nothing.

Was good They do not tax their free time!!

What do you think? Would you rather be a millionaire of money or a millionaire of time? Is it possible to combine these two systems with the theory of everything? Or is the FIRE term already doing that?

Please let us know in the comments below. And have a great weekend.

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Weekend Reading: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire of Time? Weekend Reading: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire of Time?

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