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Weekend Week 5 Netflix Review

“Smart Money Woman”
The amazing movie produced by “Arese Ugwu”, which is currently trending as No. 1 on Netflix, deserves every bit of your time. The film is based on her book of the same name, and the series features some of Africa’s most illustrious stars such as “Osasui Godaro,” Tonitones, Inidi Maokozier, Lara Akindoju, Ebieno, and Timini Exbson. “Make it happen” and “Arcadia Media”. The film described the journey of these five friends and how they made financial decisions that could influence the future. This is a very educational series. I’m sure you’ll learn one or two things. Please check it by all means.

93 days
The 2016 award-winning films are now available on Netflix. The film tells the story of a heroic doctor and her team who fought seriously to contain the deadly Ebola outbreak that would wipe out many. Arriving symptomatically at a hospital in Lagos with a population of over 20 million, she hurriedly avoided an unforgettable disaster. The film is directed by Steve Gukas and features Bimbo Akintra, Danny Glover, Somicele Idalama and others.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead “Kate” starred as the leading actress in the 106-minute thriller / adventure movie. She was brutal and very good at work, she could beat anyone from any angle and never missed a shot. During the cause of her work, she was poisoned by a ruthless assassin one night, who she wants her death, and why her discovery shocked you and gave you words. Lose, make sure you pay close attention, the film was directed by Cerdic Nikolastroyan.

Play is a brand new movie that’s also popular on Netflix, and the 87-minute action / drama movie is how his brothers and friends looked like a simple hiking trip in the woods, “Rome” died. For all of them, the honest truth is that they can all understand and explain why strangers in the forest kept shooting them and tried to kill them all. It wasn’t. A fun trip has become a survival game, as it became the prey of this deadly shooter that rarely missed a shot. Director Thomas Sieben featured David Kross, Maria Ehrich, Robert Finster and more.

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Weekend Week 5 Netflix Review Weekend Week 5 Netflix Review

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