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It is dangerous to go alone. Take this. It is an all-rush mixtape. I just made it myself. I’m sorry, the handwriting is a little dirty. Who needs a track list anyway?that is All rush mixtape. Sweet C90! Crank it and bounce it off the peeling surface of the dorm room until you have a lumpy note on the ceiling and anger pushed under the door.

And take this. It is a mechanical keyboard. A crackling, percussive companion with the perfect click to the adventure you’re about to begin. And take this. A slightly scratched Wayfarer found in a small hole near the Science Block. Even better to dim the fear in front. Who cares about midnight? Have you ever worn Wayfarer seriously in the middle of the night? And take this. This is a 6-pack of A & W root beer warmed by the Ford Galaxy’s idling engine in 1968, before A & W messed up the formula and the last note switched from Arctic wintergreen to closing caramel. And take this. Pop-Tarts. Clouded strawberries. Microwave all-rush mixtape.

It’s the wrong game, but it doesn’t matter. Just before the start of the console game, a warning was issued that it was dangerous to go alone. Back on the PC, there was a mainframe, a shared device, a PDP, and all the other jazz in front of the PC. What was it? Invitation. “Welcome to the Dungeon of Destiny.”

Rogue is here on Steam-the original Rogue, more or less. A roguelike that all roguelikes are similar to. A rogue that all roguelikes resemble lightly. And it’s overwhelmingly nostalgic at first. Pull back the lid of the casket. Yes, it has wintergreen. No caramel! Just a little condiment for a late night session in a computer lab. And look at the screen! This is a DOS-era grainy blank where the computer background is so dark and the word processor has chosen a neat constellation tabulation strip. At that time, computers were strange. They were, well, a bit like Rogue. A bright spot moved from one dark area to another. You had to know a mysterious command to get your progress. Talk to your friend and press Enter.

I have encountered Rogue before. Of course, I haven’t returned to that day. By the time I entered college, the perfect place to meet Rogue, my computer room was lined with Macs, with a graphic interface and lots of colors. Slightly torched skin, even if they render JPEGs and bitmaps with strange solar flare flashes. No. A few years ago, I came across roguelikes when I suddenly realized that I needed to know what roguelikes I was playing. At that time, I wasn’t used to roguelike games. In short, keep an eye on the exact mechanical elements of the new example and haven’t yet done the magic eye that you can do when you really know the genre. The soul of the game, the real sensations, all these careful design decisions slowly reveal the textures you choose in the contours, crossing your inner eyes and blurring the details while they begin to shine. Therefore, the rogue reduced to a mechanical element was a kind of annoyance. I remember that enemies all over the world felt very strongly how they worked only when you did. A leap of progress like that. It was stilt and archaic, an old dance that I wasn’t always in tune with. I walked around and endured staccato battles with strange bats-what a quaint, this letter B is a bat! -And I drank the potion that killed me and logged off. I liked all roguelikes I didn’t like roguelikes.

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For some reason, this time it’s different. Thank you for sounding like someone who missed the US elections. I don’t even have a TV guy. But anyway, I know it sounds like that, but in the week when the new console suddenly feels really here, Rogue is also here and I love it, so I’m unconscious You will notice that we are snubbing everything. I fell into it. I am overwhelmed in the best possible way. It was really dangerous to go alone. (It’s the wrong game.)

What has changed? Rogue is a game about exploration. You are a little smile walking through a set of rooms where the letters of the alphabet can kill you. B is a bat. Ks is a common kestrel. -Oh Christ, I’m an ice monster. I think. I really didn’t have time to take notes when they were on me.

You walked around, from room to gray crosshatch corridor to room, the room was chosen in a strangely flashy and soft brown color, as if it were made from Louis XV furniture or something. Dungeons of Doom may be a drawer. The secret compartment of Escritoire left to you by a great forgotten aunt. Sometimes you see something good-the bright yellow shape I love, all the pointed angles and the medieval charts. Galaxy. A calm gold comet. How many gold coins are there? no matter. Put them in your wallet. Sometimes you see something bad. trap! What are the buttons to learn more about it? Eak. And sometimes you see something that may be good or bad. Portion. I know the color, but I don’t know what it does. Dare?

Let’s go back a little. There is something in the furniture analogy. Rogue is a great private game and great compact. There is a touch of old furniture that can be locked as well as closed with a small key. Roguelikes love keys and locks, but roguelikes are also the place where you can see your secrets, your slowly accumulated treasures and keep them safe and secret. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing a pen and paper RPG. A friend draws a map and throws bats when you make a decision.But more often it really furniture. Maybe someone else’s furniture. The source is doubtful. What’s in this drawer and this? Why does this panel feel like it’s moving? Why is this side dented? (It’s a wrong game, but wasn’t Zelda inspired by Miyamoto’s desk drawers, each containing an imaginary garden?)

And ASCII stuff-characters and shapes. When you press F1, Rogue reveals so many of its secrets. How to move and save, how to check the items you have. It’s all a nice elbow. Q ends. But q? q allows you to swallow potions! Kwahu! Literally, the only person I’ve ever heard was Snoopy. (He was talking about root beer.)

I love this doubling. And I love that the whole keyboard is your controller. Do you have both a very old and a new feel that dates back to the days when you were pushing the text to an end in an adventure game? It’s a tool used only to play this most special and special game, as the keyboard is a weird over-the-top custom controller made of Hoxton.

The mystery of it! You enter the room and E is waiting. Suddenly I noticed that I have a very strong feeling about the letter E-I don’t trust it at all. And I’m right not to. It’s a bloody emu. And now it’s a Bloody Emu because I took the chunk out of me. Everything in Rogue is like this, and it can be something good or bad. And after that. And those letters do so much! AK rests until I get closer-it’s really like a roosted bird. I’m drawing a bird, but I also have the ghost of the fact that I’m fighting a giant K. Both of them are interrelated in the mind. I can do it. It’s clear. It has a very strange charisma. The restrictions once again made something very special.

When I found a green block with three lines, it clicked for me. Oh shit. What fresh hell is this? I went around it alone in the chintz room with this green rookie for a while. I thought these three lines might be toxic bread because they looked like bakery scores. I pressed F1 to find out what options are possible. There is nothing.


Eventually I understood: stairs. This toxic bread was actually a staircase, and it was telling me that I had reached the point of Rogue who had cleared the entire floor. Time to get off. Like Spelunky, like Noita, like the other 100 games inspired by it, Rogue has a claustrophobic progression system that goes down and deepens, finds the ultimate treasure, and returns again. I need to come.

I don’t know why it was clicked so much. I am attracted to this game. I can’t get it enough. I have other things to do, but I’ll be back in Rogue. It’s exciting to play, but it’s also exciting to see it from the outside as well as the inside. It’s exciting to see this strange screen and understand everything. And in the midst of that, who is the villain in question? Is it me? Still, I don’t feel like a villain-I’m hesitant and honestly excited. Maybe the game is fraudulent? It’s tricky and full of decadent malice. A gorgeous monster that can kill you with a cup and saucer if absolutely necessary.

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And all this time, I’m not just looking at Rogue as an antique from the past. I haven’t studied it as all the other games I love started.I play It plays it wholeheartedly-in the worst moments, constantly joyful, surprised, killed, poisoned, or brought back from the brink. These ASCII landscapes are reminiscent of the best types of idioms and clichés. A close call! Awesome beast! When you don’t expect it the most! If you do, the dungeon of fate.

I think that’s not all. Did you notice that roguelikes are a bit like roguelikes in a way? As soon as you enter the dungeon, there are stairs to the next floor. Do I have to go? But also, is this floor meant to level me up? Or to kill me? In roguelike games, everything is resources and everything is gambling. But you have to have to commit. All of that was originally back here. It’s no wonder I don’t notice the world of staccato, where only things like machines move. The rogue is not on the rails. It’s not even the exquisite gear or tension store of a watch. It uses your energy: it moves at the pace of your thoughts.

More. Returning to the source in this way means recognizing that the source will return further. Just as the people who made Diablo didn’t make action RPGs, the people who made roguelikes didn’t make roguelikes. They were played in basements and dorms, and although they didn’t always have maps and pieces, they always had very sharp, very bright, lively and vibrant moments, so everyone playing Perhaps they were seeing exactly the same imaginary thing as the person sitting next to them. Except now, you can play it yourself, until late, everyone else is sleeping and the campus is a bit quiet. Wrong game, I know. However, going alone is really dangerous. So take this.

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