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Welcome to JoyFreak

Hello new members. It’s great that you are part of our community! JoyFreak is an independent gaming forum on the internet (everything else is discussed) and it’s not uncommon to wonder where to start! This thread is a great place to break ice. We want to know you, your interests, and why you brought you here. Welcome to introduce yourself and others. Jumping directly to another thread does no harm, but if you need more guidance, you can find a variety of useful information and resources below.

Before posting

Many members want to find their best first. You can upload your avatar from your account details. You also have the option to upload a cover photo when you go to your profile page. Adding a memorable avatar and cover to your profile is a great way to stand out. For best results, cover uploads should be at least 600×1000 in size and avatars should be at least 400×400.

If you want to learn about the rules and standards of our community, a general guide is probably your best resource. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this document. New accounts that are less than a month old or have less than 100 posts may be subject to stricter moderation to keep troublemakers away from the site.

Please note that new members creating the first post or thread will need moderation approval. This is to make sure the new member is not a troll, spammer, or bot. Once the first post or thread is approved, it should automatically start posting as usual without requiring approval.

JoyFreak is usually divided into two sections: game forums (video games) and general forums (everything else). A detailed description of each can be found on the front page of your desktop.

When you first join a thread, be sure to search for the thread mark or staff post above the post.

How to contact us

For general inquiries, please use the inquiry form at the bottom of the site. This is also available for guests and banned members.

We recommend that you use the reporting system to warn moderators that they may need attention. The report button is at the bottom left of the post or message. This is the easiest and fastest way to reach your staff team. You can also report posts that violate the rules, or report your own posts if you need help, such as changing the title of a thread. Do not abuse this system with rude or frivolous reports.

For bug reports and other technical questions, please use the bug report thread in the announcement forum.

If you are an insightful expert that you think our community is interested in and you are interested in verifying your identity, check out our verified member program Please give me.

Individual staff may be able to answer small questions by contacting them personally. Our complete active staff roster is continually maintained and updated.

You can request a username change directly from your account details page.

Whatever you do, don’t tag staff members, derail threads, or create new threads to complain about this or that.


After reading all of the above, you should be a great member of our community and have all the tools you need to be a welcome part of it. Whether you start here or in another thread, we look forward to your contribution!

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