Welcome to Ozark Season 3 Summary: Wendy Bird’s Breaking Bad

Wendy’s climb in Operation Navarro would not have been possible without the fight, but her main enemies were Julia Garner’s Ruth, Lisa Emery’s Darlene Snell, and Janet McTeer’s cartel lawyer Helen Pierce. There was no. It was her own husband Marty (Jason Bateman). When Marty cautioned, Wendy called for expansion. When he saw the danger, she saw the opportunity. Knowing that the bloody war between rivals Navarro and the Lagunas cartel is fueling the FBI’s enthusiasm, Wendy joins Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) in a legitimate business with children and theirs. Proposed to provide a safety net to. Seize his illegal assets. She wanted a casino and hotel chain to run Navarro, but Marty just wanted. And the bird-to-bird season has begun.

Wendy vs. Marty

After Wendy’s Season 1 incident and Marty’s advance into the secret crime, trust was never high among Birds, but in Season 3, it was the worst ever. When Helen Pierce forced the couple to counsel for the benefit of surgery, Marty first paid their therapist Sue to guide Wendy to his thinking, and then Wendy tried to do the same. .. (The therapist became responsible for being destined and knowing too much after spending Birdes’ cash on a high-profile car. Helen killed her and put a flashy car on the lake. I pushed it in.)

Marty spy on a secret call to Wendy’s Omanavaro. Omanavaro is increasingly dependent on her insights and has sought to thwart the purchase of Big Maddy, the second riverboat casino behind her. He paid Frank Jr., the son of a mob boss in Kansas City, to burn his rival casino. This swelled Big Maddy’s profits and the owners didn’t want to sell. Eventually, Wendy went her way and bought a new casino after she and Ruth went bankrupt and forced the sale by modifying Big Maddy’s slot machines to pay continuously.

Darlene and Wyatt’s case

Not all of Wendy’s plans were achieved in Season 3. She was unable to regain custody of her baby Sieg, the child of Rev. Mason, who was cut from her mother’s belly by Darleen after Mason refused to continue manipulating Snell’s prayer book. In Season 3, Darleen paid bail for Wyatt Langmore after being arrested for staying in an empty villa. She took him and gave him a job, and despite their age difference, the two became lovers. Darleen confessed to poisoning her husband Jacob, and Wyatt told her that Ruth had electrocuted his father and his uncle. That’s why he left his family’s house.

Wendy’s feud with Darlene Snell had terrible results in the penultimate episode of Season 3. Ben fell in love with Ruth Langmore and stopped taking his bipolar disorder medication so they could have a sexual relationship. This made his behavior more and more unstable, and he escalated the feud between Ruth and Frank Jr. after Frank trapped Ruth behind the delivery truck in return for throwing him at the edge of Missouri Bell. I did. When Lagunas shot down Frank Jr.’s men while Navarro was delivering cash to Ruth (she escaped because Ben and his nephew Jonah were chasing with a drone), Frank Jr. attacked Ruth. She thought she had ordered and beat her savagely.

Ben Spiral

After Frank Jr.’s attack on Ruth, Marty broke the relationship between Frank Sr. and the Kansas City mob, and Ben was terribly ill. Knowing the Birds’ money laundering, Ben crashed the launch of Wendy’s Charity Foundation and publicly accused Marty of being a criminal. Wendy and Marty then made Ben commit to the institution. Ruth wanted to help Ben, and Darlene Snell wanted to hurt Wendy, so Darlene arranged for Ben to be released from the hospital by threatening a local police officer. As a result, Ben was loose, unpredictable, and had a lot of dangerous knowledge. He went to Helen’s house and told her teenage daughter Erin about her role in the cartel. Helen denied it until Erin got confirmation from Charlotte Bird, and then decided to live with her father. Furious Helen ordered Ben to be murdered, but Wendy fled him.

Welcome to Ozark Season 3 Summary: Wendy Bird’s Breaking Bad

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