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Fast bowlers want more opportunities with seamer-friendly balls after carrying 5 wickets

Lungi Ngidi We hope to have more chances to hit the ball with the Dukes ball after helping to win the second test 5 in Saint Lucia. Ngidi, who debuted in January 2018 and beat India 6-39, rated it as more seamer-friendly than Kookaburra used in SGs in South Africa and India because of its behavior.

“I like the Dukes ball. It’s harder and moves around more,” Ngidi said after the first day of play. “The Kookaburra ball tends to be a little softer, and once it’s softened, it doesn’t actually swing and looks for a reverse swing. The SG is a ball that quickly wears out and is very difficult to maintain. But Dukes The ball is really a test of skill. If you can position your wrists correctly and polish your area, you can be very successful with this ball. Now that you are bowling, for years I want to bowl for a while. “”

Ngidi had never tested in England or the Caribbean before this tour and had never used a Dukesball in a test match. He could use it while practicing in South Africa, and the training group said, “I’m trying everything to control the ball,” and the results of their tenacity in two sessions on the first day. Showed off.

South Africa dismissed the West Indies at 97, the second sub-100 since 2004, due to a combination of aggression and discipline that Ngidi explained could be difficult to do right in good conditions. “You can get hooked, especially when it’s gnawing or shaking like that,” he said.

In the morning session, South Africa wasn’t too excited about the situation. While Kagiso Rabada and Ngidi continue to brake the West Indies Henrich Norche I broke the top order. “My definition of role is very clear. Keeping one end quiet. I don’t give them anything because there were some really fast bowlers and many batters were wrestling with them. That wasn’t part of the plan, “Ngidi said.

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West Indies vs South Africa 2021 West Indies vs South Africa 2021

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