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Whaleapp has reached 40 million mobile game downloads thanks to Blitz: Rise of Heroes

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Whaleapp Thanks to achieve 40 million mobile game downloads Blitz: The rise of heroes, The first mid-core title launched by a casual game maker.

Based in Israel and Ukraine, the company has grown 158% over the past three months and has installed Whaleapp’s big event titles Hidden Hotel, Family Zoo, and now Blitz: Rise of Heroes. It goes up to 40 million times.

Whaleapp launched Blitz: Rise of Heroes worldwide on iOS and Android on November 9, with more than 100,000 active users per day in just a few weeks after launch, Whaleapp’s product management director. Ziv Kitaro said in an interview with GamesBeat.

Whaleapp Origins

Above: Whaleapp started with casual games.

Image credit: Whaleapp

This is not the first time a Whaleapp leader has been successful. Ilya Turpiashvili founded the company with Lev Metchnik and Sergei Portnoy.


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Turpiashvili (and his brother Haim) was formerly the co-founder of Plarium in 2009. With the power of Facebook and mobile titles such as Stormfall and Total Domination, Plarium has grown to more than 1,000 employees. In 2017, Aristoctrat Leisure acquired Plarium for $ 500 million.

Turpiashvili left the company and started Whaleapp in 2018, the success of the first venture became a magnet. Whaleapp was able to employ more than 500 people during the pandemic. This was a time when many other companies were having a hard time hiring people.

“This is a company created by people who really love business, love games, and want to make games a business, and everyone is doing their best,” Kitaro said. “Our CEO, Sergei, attends every meeting. It’s not micromanagement. It’s about being involved and caring.”

The first game was a sophisticated casual title because we wanted to create a casual game (a title for both male and female viewers with a wide range of appeal) built with the attention and polish of triple A games. .. We also focus on metagames to get fans back.

Their purpose was to overcome the prejudice that casual games were of poor quality. That’s why the company doesn’t downplay production value, Kitaro said. The company’s first two casual games, Hidden Hotel (hidden object game) and Family Zoo, were both hits on iOS and Android. The company has also stepped up user acquisition efforts and community management.

Currently, mid-core titles (which have a hardcore theme but can be played in a short period of time) use the same process. The game combines the complexity and deep gameplay of a large turn-based fantasy role-playing game, but can be played with the ease of use of an idle RPG (the latter commonly found on mobile devices).

With the soft launch, Whaleapp had the opportunity to fully test all core game systems, further refine individual battles and encounters with bosses, and tackle game storytelling in real time. The company has also tested the game on a variety of Android devices. Blitz has received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Android and iOS.

Kitaro said Blitz: The rise of heroes is overkill. This is the most successful title to date in terms of downloads, revenue, and user satisfaction. This game has proven to be popular in borders, languages, and countries (including the United States, Germany, South Korea, Russia, and the United Kingdom).

According to the company, existing customer retention rates are more than 10% higher than the top five, and average daily revenue per active user (ARPDAU) is 50% higher.

“We are the youngest company in the top ten,” Kitaro said. “We are also one of the most profitable gaming companies in Ukraine.”

What’s next?

Above: Blitz: Rise of Heroes is now available on PC.

Image credit: Whaleapp

Blitz: Rise of Heroes will be available on PC in the first quarter of 2022. The idea is to create a Blitz PC rendition that can do anything.

It’s difficult to get accurate data from the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) because Apple is more focused on privacy than targeted advertising. And that means the company had to be smarter about user acquisition. And the company is increasing its marketing spending and accepting influencers. We are also hiring more people on the Discord channel as we prepare to enter the PC game.

“They love the complexity and the fact that you have all these different characters,” Kitaro said.

The company has also begun work on more games, including intellectual property-based games, and plans to make major updates to Blitz in the future.

“In the future, we will focus on both mobile and PC,” Kitaro said.


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Whaleapp has reached 40 million mobile game downloads thanks to Blitz: Rise of Heroes Whaleapp has reached 40 million mobile game downloads thanks to Blitz: Rise of Heroes

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