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What are the new UK travel restrictions?

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Quarantine rules for returning to your destination or the UK have already made traveling abroad quite difficult for most people. It will now be even more difficult after the UK government has introduced stricter new travel restrictions.

Here is an overview of the new rules.

What are the new UK travel restrictions?

If you wish to travel outside the UK under the new travel restrictions, you must declare the reason for your trip and prove that it is essential.

If you do not provide a valid reason, your right to travel will be denied. You may also be fined. The carrier is responsible for confirming these declarations.

In addition, the police will increase their presence at ports and airports to fine those who are found to have violated the “curfew” order.

Travel exemptions have also been reviewed to include only the most important and exceptional reasons for travel.

At the moment, the only reason you can travel abroad is The essential reason to leave home, This is included:

  • Work that cannot be done at home
  • Medical appointment
  • education

What about those who enter the UK?

British citizens and residents returning from the “Red List” country must be quarantined at the hotel for 10 days.

This Red List includes countries in parts of Africa and throughout South America. It also includes Portugal, where a new variant of Covid-19 was found. The complete list is website..

Foreigners and non-UK residents from these countries are no longer allowed to enter the UK.

The prime minister said passengers would “meet at the airport and be transported directly to the quarantine.” The Covid-19 test will be conducted during your stay.

The hotel that will be the quarantine center is undecided. But according to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health is working on it.

Who will be responsible for the hotel quarantine?

It is understood that quarantine at the hotel will have to pay for its own accommodation

At the moment, it’s not clear how much to pay. However, Sky News states that it can cost more than £ 1,000 per person.

What other travel restrictions are already in place in the UK?

At the moment, All UK arrivals must show negative Covid-19 test results Taken within 72 hours before travel.

If you are coming from abroad, you will be forced to quarantine for 10 days no matter where you come from. Police are stepping up address checks to make sure everyone who has to quarantine does so.

You also need to fill in Passenger locator form Before arriving in the UK. Failure to comply may result in fines.

For more information

For more information on traveling abroad, including updates on safety and security, immigration requirements, travel restrictions and warnings. website..

For everything else related to coronavirus, Coronavirus resource page.

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What are the new UK travel restrictions? What are the new UK travel restrictions?

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