What are you doing this weekend?

This week was one of the big and important weeks of turmoil and excitement. Yes: Love Island is back in ITV. You don’t have to look at it to enjoy the sentence “I’m Chags, I’m 23, and I run a bucket hat business in Sally.”

Oh, There is also a new editor-in-chief. (Although I feel that the fact that there is a human being called Chaggs is a similar layer in terms of big news). Anyway, everyone welcomes Catherine. Please, no one should talk to Graham again.

Alice Bee
This weekend All fossil corners, Always.

Alice 0
Alice0 is absent.

I play to celebrate a group in their twenties who started their three-month trip on ITV2 Lego builder trip, This weekend. Hopefully you’ll be rewarded with the slowed down emotional cover of Avril Lavigne’s girlfriend when you get the credits.

After seeing this big update, I’ll give it a try. I want to do a nice drive along the coast and maybe hit a lot of things. Otherwise, go to the local garbage dump and get rid of a lot of old socks and a broken rice cooker. A wild weekend for me!

I’m completely and completely lethargic Brave At the moment. I play every day. I’m not good at it yet. One week I can say I’m doing something new. This week is not that week. I’m still playing Stardew and Mass Effect 3, but it’s not surprising.

Apart from getting drunk with my newly discovered power, I’ll probably spend most of this weekend making more flashy dinosaur pants on my Switch Monster Hunter Rise. This is really good, I can say this new MonHan, and when it arrives next year, it will also be a treat on the PC.

Congratulations to Roguebook, the cute deck builder I’ve taken you over the last few weeks. I don’t think it will take long to see everything that will show me, but at least I have a weekend left so I’ll play it!

This weekend I will probably continue with the latest playthrough Last spell, I started playing after Nate wrote in his post about it the magic word “It’s essentially they are billions”. It’s very challenging and I don’t want to know if the steady improvement in performance is due to skill improvements or unlocking metaprogression upgrades. But everything else in the game is sublime enough and I’m glad I can keep staring at it for the time being.

But you, the reader-yes, you are reading now. You are my favorite (don’t tell others). What are you going to do this weekend?

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