What are you doing this weekend?

Towards the end, but at an amazing pace, tapping the barrel opened almost half of the RPS Advent calendar door. Check out this year’s favorite games. There are many good games this year. I can usually pack a lot of my personal favorite games with voting rigging, but this year there were too many great games for my tricks. I think it’s good that a lot of good Annes are spinning.

What are you going to do this weekend? This is what we are clicking on!

Alice Bee

Put me in the nonsense of cyberpunk, as most other people probably do. (It’s not an RPG, they were lying).

Alice 0

A few days after midnight with the launch of cyberpunk and the Game Awards, I’m planning on: 2) Not in my apartment. However, I postponed bicycle maintenance for a while. We always think we can squeeze another trip before we need regular cleaning, refueling and tightening, and we need to deal with it now. I am enjoying concrete efforts this year.


Yes, I also play Cyberpunk 2077. I’m still in the early stages, so I’m really waiting to grab me, but it’s possible. But I must mention that these characters are amazed at the amount of future bullshit of techno that erupted in the first few hours. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention to marketing, but when people were talking about “jack-in,” I really thought they were just pissing.


I’m going to spend some time this weekend with Cyberpunk 2077, not the original at all. I’m thinking of going down the nomadic route because the desert looks beautiful. Otherwise, more than usual: a few tarabrop cows and maybe some yakuza LAD.


Now that we’ve telnetted the sponge shaft to tomorrow’s game, we can telnet some thunks to the darknet. The skip is as follows: I didn’t expect much, but it’s better than I expected.


Cyberpunk 2077, probably. I’ve played for a few hours and I’m still not sure if I like it. I’m in a messy position now playing two giant RPGs (Valhalla is the other) and I’m losing the motivation to play one or the other. That is awesome. You might play Valorant instead, tbh.


I’ve heard it’s not as long as The Witcher’s game, but I have to do a lot of Cyberpunk 2077. Star Wars Squadrons are there for me when I need a break. I put it up for sale last weekend, and it’s a really good time.


This weekend is really Yakuza 0’s weekend. Everyone else is riding the wave of cyberpunk, but for me, I hang out with my man Kiryu and do good deeds around Kamlocho, brutalizing the bad guys with his ridiculous fists. It’s a great game to play while you wait for the sourdough to rise.


It’s a cyberpunk life for me! Like Alice Bee, I decided to go to Corp V’s lifepath, but so far, spending only about 15 minutes as a corporate scum bag before the game makes me just a regular merchant. I couldn’t. Will I sell my Corp soul to a big suit in the game and later bite into my ass? only time will tell.


Before the end of the year, I ran around Steam looking for the game I wanted to play. To. And I probably play Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings. It’s the only game I’ve been able to face playing while off. It heals me.


“Get up and samurai. We need to find about 100 more bugs.”

But you, your beloved reader, what are you doing?

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What are we all playing this weekend?

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