What are you doing this weekend?

The race continued towards the end of the year, and in 2020 we started discussing our favorite games. This is difficult because there are so many great games this year and no one remembers. It happened before August. As Horace requires, we’ll do a survey during December and name your favorites, but what about you? Do you already know what your favorite game of 2020 is?

More urgently, what are you doing this weekend? This is what we are clicking on!


I’m definitely going to catch up with some of the little games I missed in the last few weeks, like Passless, before getting caught up in the ridiculously long Cyberpunk 2077. Spending a few hours this weekend seems like a nice and relaxing way.


To my surprise, everyone will spend more time with their beloved Yakuza LAD. Mincing zombies with Call of Duty Brop Scout also proves great entertainment, so I continue to hone my craft there. With Black Friday running at full speed, I’m finally under pressure to give up a lot of money and get a new laptop. As you type this, you can feel the wallet vibrating in horror.


I played The Pathless last week. This is an unobtrusive but completely fun game. Next time I’m going to play Assassin’s Creed Valhara. I’ve never liked Assassin’s Creed, and I’ve never played the last three (4?) Entries in the series. The promise of trampling with a big ax is enough to pull me back.


PS5 said I don’t want it because there aren’t enough games to justify so far … but my partner now has a PS5 and conveniently we live in the same house is. So we’ll get all the nostalgic blasts through Astro’s playroom this weekend (which is great, by the way). I also started a new Stardew Valley farm with my friends, so I haven’t completely abandoned my PC yet.


My PS5 arrived yesterday, so I’m mainly going to try Demon’s Souls. I’ve never played the original, but after I love Sekiro and Bloodborne so much, I’d love to know how this remake works. I will also try Bugsnax. This should provide a great rest to break the brutality of Demon’s Souls.


This weekend I will make more jams. I’m really into it lately, so I’ll give it a try. On top of that, my days are blurred into one big old Call of Duty Cold Warsesh. It just keeps pulling me back.


Despite plans to attack Assassin’s Creed Valhara last weekend, I fell in love with Desperados III instead. And I’ve never fallen in love with a game so hard. It may take two hours to complete one mission, but it’s just as quiet and invisible as it was playing Dishonored 2, and you can’t get enough of it.


I’m still stuck in the Apex Legend. I currently win one in six games, which I think is pretty good. It does not remove the sting from the other 5 games. That’s why I want to get better and better at the game until I start winning 100% of the game. Of course that’s impossible, so I think I’m left to the misery of my life. Maybe I need to rethink a few things.

But you, your beloved reader, what are you doing?

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What are we all playing this weekend?

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