What are you going to do this weekend?

For those who celebrate it, family time is over and now it’s “me” time because Turkish day is behind us. In other words, it’s time to enjoy a lot of video games.

Personally, I didn’t have time to play games. Like a turkey with a headless head, one family was too busy to get together to cook and run in the next. There were three dinners this year. Yes, three different dinners. One of my extended families has decided to host this year. This meant that instead of the usual two (hosting only one every other year), I had to join one-third. And, of course, I brought back each leftover, so of course I’m sick of turkey at this point. Thank you. Christmas means ham, but by the end of it, I’ll be fed up with ham too.

Anyway, you don’t care what I had and didn’t have for dinner, so let’s get down to why you’re reading this: games.

Here’s what we’re playing this weekend:

Connor Macar, Staff Writer-Call of Duty: Vanguard

For me, I spend the entire weekend polishing my gun Call of Duty Vanguard Prior to the release of Caldera in Warzone. Probably the most fun homework I’ve ever set up, but it’s still homework.

James Bill Cliff, Guide Editor-Star Wars Jedi: Corrupted Order

In the cyclical swirl of game discourse, we stay far from our old favorites. And, ironically, given the content of the game, one such argument seems to be destined to be frightened towards horrific death and, more than anything else, constantly revived and rehashed.

My friend, it already exists, and it rules.It is called Star Wars Jedi: Corrupted Order, And I plan to play more PS5 upgraded versions this weekend.

It can be argued that something like a soul is now the genre itself, but in Fallen Order, the mechanics are very inconsistent with the settings and the details are copied / pasted, so it’s only interesting. Why does my character feel that he needs to kneel and meditate instead of a bonfire every few minutes? Why does the Stormtrooper respawn from thin air in the same place? Who cares as long as their blaster is “pew-pew”, my lightsaber will be “vhrooom”, and everyone wears those nice trousers with padded knees.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-Skyrim Anniversary Edition

I finally have time to sit down and play Skyrim twelve times.I will play this time Skyrim Anniversary Edition So you can see what the fuss of the Creation Club is. Because I really want new items and quests to make things a little fresher. By the way, this version contains about 500 Creation Club (mods) content, from weapons and spells to quests and bosses. There are also fishing, survival modes, new saints and seducers quests, so I’m sure there’s a lot of new content that will keep me hooked.

The game I’m playing right now is a fairly highly modified version of the Special Edition, and if you upgrade to the Anniversary Edition, most (if any) will stop working, so I’ve been talking about those modifications for a long time. I can. I would probably play it safely, re-download SE from Steam to my laptop and then upgrade to AE-and my modified game is safe on my PC.

Hopefully the developers of Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) have been granted early access to the Anniversary Edition to update the extenders, so some great mods are floating there, so mod makers It won’t be long to update their work.

Tom Olly, Editor-in-Chief-Battlefield 2042, Xbox Series X

I played the pre-release beta Battlefield 2042 It was 30 minutes, but I didn’t have a 10-hour trial of EA Play / Game Pass Ultimate, so I went back and rotated it. My enjoyment varies greatly between maps (and potentially game mode, but I honestly don’t know what I was playing), but it’s an exaggeration to say that I’m not that impressed. is not.

I started things with a huge map full of towering skyscrapers. I didn’t enjoy this map. It was too big and open. The players were so dispersed that no one was stuck long enough for me to get in the car.

More successful was the map installed on the dock. This may be due to the type of game being played, but the flow has improved. There was steady movement throughout the map, and the encounters were concentrated in smaller zones. My aim is still miserable, but I had a decent time with it. That’s really it. The truth of the matter is that I’m not enough for modern multiplayer shooters. And maybe I never did.

In addition to Thanksgiving, Black Friday happened and a lot of deals came up over the weekend with Cyber ​​Monday. Did you get something new? Is there an old one? Or did you pre-order something like Elden Ring? Please let me know!

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