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What do you need to know about candle patterns?

What do you need to know about candle patterns?

For trading, it is essential to be able to predict and predict trend reversal and spot reversal candle patterns. Technical traders know it well: it doesn’t make sense to go against the trend. With the help of technical analysis, it is possible to predict a trend reversal. Many indicators allow you to place, confirm, and verify trend reversals. In the trend market, you use the trend indicator to enter trends, determine the support and resistance levels of the securities, and then set goals.

What is an inverted candle pattern?

Reversing candles occur when the price is first traded above or below the high and then reversing. These candles are especially important if they appear after a very clear bullish reversal candle or a bearish tendency. This type of candle is often formed when a trader closes a position aimed at following the trend. Reversing candles do not specifically indicate that the trend is reversing, but that prices are being adjusted following a major move. And in the best case, it is the whole movement that is adjusted.

Markets where inverted candle patterns occur most often

Obviously, inverted candles are present in almost every market, but there are also markets where you are likely to see this type of candle. The oil market is one example, especially American oil with WTI futures contracts. “Spikes”, or inverted candles, are very common in this market. This phenomenon is also seen in DAX. However, the most frequent events are in the foreign exchange market.

If your trading strategy is trend-following, you need to take a position long before the reversal. If your trading plan is to optimize your trading entries, you need to detect this change in trend.

But without knowing the right information and tips, it’s difficult. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

After reading this article, you will know:

  • How to find a trend and define whether it is the first or the last.
  • These tools allow you to define the possibility of a trend reversal.
  • The numbers on the chart and the candlesticks in Japan show that the trend is losing momentum.

So let’s get started without delay, and you’ll have a better weapon for making capital gains.

Know how to identify stock market trends to predict a reversal

Inverted candle

Above all, finding trends is essential to getting on the right track. It is often said that “trends are your friends”. If you are lucky, take a position at the beginning of a bullish or bearish move. And you will never benefit at the end of this trend.

Is it an uptrend or a downtrend? The question seems simple, so let’s clarify these statements a bit. What are the long-term trends in financial assets you are studying? What are the short-term trends?

For example, a technical analysis of the Dow Jones shows that the move is bearish. But at what time do you do a graphical analysis of the Dow? In fact, to properly identify asset trends, start with the longest time unit.

It also depends on the type of transaction.When swinging transaction Or day trading, your investment strategy is different. In the long run, the Dow Jones have risen for years. However, the index is so volatile that it can be modified very severely. Therefore, in the short term, you can bet on a reduction in assets.

Reversing Candles-What Causes the Market Trend Reversal?

Due to lack of knowledge and information, we often see stock market trends that change suddenly for no apparent reason. Two key factors stop the uptrend or downtrend in the stock market.

First, there is a technical analysis done to identify support and resistance. These price levels are more or less important depending on the time unit. When you arrive for monthly or weekly support, your support is more likely to bounce. Therefore, the downtrend may stop and a trend reversal may occur.

Another factor that can change the trend is the release of the macroeconomy. FED meetings on key rates can cause a sharp reversal of stock market indexes or currencies. Therefore, you should constantly monitor your macroeconomic calendar.

Reversal Candles – A Powerful Tool to Change Trends

Now that we know how to properly find asset trends, let’s look at indicators and other tools that can detect trend reversals. Some stock market tools can see a trend reversal, while others announce the possibility of a reversal.

By combining all these technical indicators with these reversal patterns, you can optimize your entry into the market. In addition, mastering these tools and charts will allow you to work on all your assets such as global stock indexes, forex, commodities, stock markets and even cryptocurrencies.

Reversing candles – technical indicators for predicting trend reversals

Depending on the technical indicator, there is an index to confirm a reversal or prepare for a change in the trend.

The crossing of moving averages confirms a trend reversal more or less in the long run. The intersection of MM20 and MM50 is a signal of the actual trend change. If there are other indicators to confirm that, it may be wise to enter a position against the trend.

The RSI or MACD indicators can also identify a bullish or bearish divergence. In this case, you can see if you are in the support zone or the resistance zone. You need to look for a signal to take a position against the trend.

Finally, with the volume indicator, it is enough to observe the decrease in the histogram and indicate a trend reversal. This is especially useful when buying stocks that have fallen sharply.

Find the complete topic on stock market indicators.

Trend reversal candlestick pattern

Chartism is part of the technical analysis and should not be overlooked. There are typical numbers to announce that market trends may reverse.

# Double top and double bottom or double action reversible candles:

This number is simply embodied by two consecutive reactions of the asset under resistance or support. More commonly, it is also called W.

Double top and double bottom

# Triple top or triple bottom:

This figure works on the same principle as a double top or double bottom. The difference is that there is a neckline that must be broken to see the trend reversal.

Triple top or triple bottom


When you reach the area of ​​support or resistance, the diamond is actually a diamond formed on the chart of the asset.A diamond is confirmed when the diagonal trend line breaks when drawing the trend line

Diamond pattern

# Rounded bottom:

This figure is represented by a round shape that is tightened to the extent that the coat is at its edge. Then swallow the candle and see the asset rise again and see the trend change. This is a long-term reversal pattern.And it’s great for weekly charts

Rounded bottom

# Head and shoulders:

It can also be revoked if the court reaches support. It takes the form of a human silhouette with three peaks, one in the center higher than the other two on both sides. Neckline breakouts see changes in trends.

Head and shoulder pattern _

# Bullish Entrainment / Dark Cloud Cover:

The first candle reflects the direction of the current trend. The second candle should be the opposite color of the first candle. For bullish swallows, the open must be below the previous candle low. (Open and bearish gap). The close should be in the upper half of the body of the front candle.

Bullish Entrainment / Dark Cloud Cover Pattern

# Upward gap between two crows:

This figure is only displayed during the uptrend. It features a small red candle that forms a gap with the previous long green candle. The second red candle engulfs the previous candle, but above the closing price of the green candle.

Upside down gap two crows

You also have a Morningstar, an Eveningstar, or an abandoned baby (and yes, it exists). In short, don’t neglect the study of Japanese candlesticks for inversion patterns, and inversion candles that mainly give a strong buy or sell signal.

Verifying a trend reversal optimizes the market entry point.

Now you have all the knowledge to properly identify the inverted candle pattern and the trend inverted. Thanks to this, you will take less risk, and above all, this control allows you to cope with sudden movements in the market. You will be able to place your transactions more accurately, and your profits will be greater.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your trading style is. If you are a scalper, day trader, or swing trader, it is essential to detect a trend reversal. There is a simple rule. Trends don’t buy resistance or sell support. Confirmation is required due to resistance and interruption of support, and above all, it is necessary to confirm that there is no difference in technical indicators.

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What do you need to know about candle patterns? What do you need to know about candle patterns?

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