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A Big media story It was announced yesterday (January 22nd) as NBC told distributors and some sports leagues that it plans to close the NBCSN Cable Sports Channel at the end of 2021. Programs currently airing on NBCSN are expected to move to streaming services in the United States and NBC Universal. peacock.

Of course, America is home to WWE Living And NXT.

The National Hockey League is one of the hottest properties airing on NBCSN, and its marquee program Wednesday night hockey, This news has led to growing speculation about the future of NXT television ( Living It’s more likely to be stolen in some cases, but it’s unlikely to interfere with assets that NBCUniversal has paid hundreds of millions of dollars for rights, making it one of the hottest shows in the United States. ).

Wrestling observer Dave Meltzer points out It’s with NXT Wednesday night hockeyViewers are about the same size. “NHL is a much higher-profile show, reaching higher-paying viewers, younger viewers, and stronger ad rates than NXT.” Therefore, the United States rights to both shows in January 2022. If you still have, they may consider moving the wrestling to another day of the week.

It probably won’t upset anyone, except for WWE executives who rate all viewers who can prevent the black and gold brands from seeing AEW. dynamite At TNT … and fans making unhealthy investments in the evaluation “war” between NXT and Tony Khan promotions. When the two shows took place on different nights at different times last fall, they both saw better numbers without directly competing with the wrestling competition.

But does NBC have both rights? Wednesday night hockey And NXT when they close NBCSN? Not without new agreements with both NHL and WWE.

The deal between the NHL and NBC will be gladly closed by COVID after the current season ends in July. Melter states that NXT rights will increase in October 2021. To further muddy the water, the NHL reportedly announced that it would like to split the next contract into two television stations.

Hockey is the fourth most popular sport in the United States and is brought to court by almost all media companies.Final round of Living And smack down Trading, and the rapid extension of TNT’s partnership with AEW, prove that live programming can order premium prices. Fox Sports cable network FS1 was rumored to be home to NXT before the announcement of its contract with the United States in 2019, but it will probably mix again. But has the rating down in the last few years and NXT’s overwhelming performance in the US diminished interest in live wrestling programs?

Streaming adds more variables to the mix. NBCUniversal has been more active in adding sports to its fledgling Peacock service than any other streamer, including some wrestling content. Some hockey may land there, but it seems unlikely that WWE is interested in putting the NXT in Peacock. Not only does it limit the show’s ability to limit AEW’s audience, but NXT is already available on the WWE Network a few days after it aired in the United States, and there’s always a home there.

At this point, there are more questions than answers. But the situation is noteworthy, just looking at it this time next year to find out when and where you can see NXT.

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What does NBC’s closure of the sports network mean for WWE? What does NBC’s closure of the sports network mean for WWE?

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