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Quentin Tarantino I’m writing a movie critic book called Cinema speculation, In that spirit, you may need to submit Tarantino Rambo For now under movie speculation.But he is certainly his version Rambo Looks like, and it sounds much closer First Blood, 1972 David Morrell A novel based on the 1982 movie version, co-authored and starred by Sylvester Stallone.

Who will appear in Tarantino’s fictional character First Blood Remake?Why none other Adam driver When Kurt Russell..

What will be Quentin Tarantino’s last movie?Cine literacy writers and directors and his characters have gab talent, and he has gab many times. His imminent retirement After 10 movies (11 counting) Kill billTwo volumes as two movies, how they were released).He’s been teasing so many different potential projects over the years, so the real thing what if…? Anime series No doubt, it’s about all the ridiculous Tarantino ideas that Celluloid has never realized.

While advertising His novelization of Once upon a time in Hollywood He started it again.on Big picture Podcast (via MovieWeb), The subject of Grind house, Tarantino’s 2007 box office bomb with Robert Rodriguez has arrived.Of course, Russell played Stuntman Mike Death proof, Half of Tarantino’s double feature.While discussing such a flop fallout and what happened in his career, Tarantino talked offhand about how he would approach. Rambo property:

“If I just wanted to make a good movie, and I thought it would be good, I would write David Morrell’s novel. First Blood I will write a novel.Not a movie made from First Blood.. I will do the novel.And Kurt Russell plays the sheriff, and [Adam Driver] Will play Rambo.. The more you read it out loud every time I read it, the better the conversation in David Morrell’s novel is. That would be very good. But now I want to do more than that. But if it was trying to make a good movie, it’s there. “

Rambo’s dramatic return to its roots

When movie fans think RamboMany of them probably have the image of Stallone in the bandana: shirtless, tied to muscles, sweating, and feeding guns with bullet belts. It’s easy to forget it here in 2021 Rambo The franchise started as something very different from what it ended up with.

Stallone and up-and-coming James Cameron co-authored the script Rambo: First Blood Part II Together, and it turned the franchise into more holistic action, as Cameron does. alien A year later. Rambo III I saw a Stallone character enter Afghanistan on a mission to provide weapons to a free fighter trapped in a battle with the Soviet Union. These were American movies of the 80’s, so the Soviet Union was the enemy, not Afghanistan.

4th self-title Rambo The movie that hit 20 years later in 2008 is so violent Wikipedia It is classified as a full-fledged “splatter film”.Then there was Last Blood, I came just two years ago. (Did anyone see it or did we skip it?)

Go back before any of these sequels are the first and still the best Rambo movie: First Blood. It was a more serious and actor-led drama — as it was, drawn from Morrell’s novel he wrote during the Vietnam War. In books and movies, Rambo is a veteran and former POW. He returns home with post-traumatic stress disorder and lands in a town where local sheriffs and lawmakers misidentify him. It draws the “first blood” of the saying that escalate to Manhunt in the woods.

I don’t know about you, but you can often see the driver playing such a character. He has a gloomy presence worthy of living in Rambo’s role as a green jacket drifter, as he first met in 1982.

In this interview, it is important to note the context of Tarantino’s words.Really, it’s doubtful whether he will make this movie himself, but when it’s unavoidable Rambo A reboot will eventually occur. The driver may be an inspirational choice to take on the title role.Hollywood, beware: instead of exaggerated, action-driven Rambo, Probably dramatic, driver driven Rambo It will be the way to go.

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What does Quentin Tarantino’s Rambo movie look like? – /movie

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