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Night 1 Wrestlemania There are 37 books in the book, and history is made. Bianca Belair New SmackDown Women’s Champion after defeat Sasha Banks At the main event.The show ended at WWE Network/ Berea and the peacock celebrating the title. But more than the home fans have seen has happened.

Her husband, Montez Ford, joined the ring while Berea was celebrating, as captured in a video recorded by fans. Ford celebrated with her before leaving the ring so that Berea could celebrate herself again. She then went to her family at the ringside and celebrated with them. Finally, she climbed the ramp and eventually headed back.

Other fans caught a video of the defeated Sasha Banks enjoying Berea’s post-match celebration.

What did Bobby Lashley do after defending the WWE Championship?

Bobby Lashley Successfully defended WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre last night.Following his match, and after the camera was disconnected from him, Rushley is reported by Fight full I went to the end zone area of ​​the field and bowed to the fans.

Following his victory in the evening opening contest, Rashley posted on Twitter:

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What happened after WrestleMania aired? What happened after WrestleMania aired?

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