What happened this week (October 18th) on the contrary to the S3 cast

From Kenny & Armand’s Baby News to Corey’s Disrespect for Jenny at IG, read this week’s 90th Fiance: Another Way Season 3 Couple’s Biggest Update.

Cast members 90th Fiance: Other Ways There was a lot of exciting news and views to offer in the exciting week gone by.Rocky relationship Corey Ratgeber and Evelyn Rathgegas He’s now refusing to divorce, so it’s really rough. Corey’s stubbornness was also rubbed by Jenny Slatten, who acted like a teenager when Smit’s mother asked her to clean a dirty kitchen.

The arena lost trust in boyfriend Stephen Johnston after confessing that he had kissed more than 100 girls, not virgins.Still, the fans are Stephen and Arina 90th Fiance: Other Ways The drama is written because it is rumored that the couple are still together.

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Meanwhile, the most beloved couple 90th Fiance: Other WaysArmando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier have captured their hearts after visiting an orphanage for HIV-positive children in Mexico. The pair has shown an interest in adoption and has also launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to support the organization. And yes, Kenny and Armando welcomed new members to their family this week.

Kenneth and Armand become grandparents (again)

in the meantime Kenny And Armando is at odds with having a baby or adopting a child in need. They also welcomed new little members of the growing family.one of Kenny’s daughter, Cassidy KneadermeierPeople introduced in 90th Fiance: The opposite, I gave birth to a boy, Julian Joshua, on October 22nd. The baby Julian was born at 5:54 am, weighs 8 pounds and 13 ounces, and is 20.08 inches tall. Madison already has a son named Cooper, so this makes Kenny his second grandpa. Meanwhile, Armando is proud of not being able to attend a special occasion in the United States.Pop popTo Julian.

Corey posts “Misogyny” about her ex-girlfriend Jenny

Jenny Corey Evelin Instagram In 90 Day Fiance

in the meantime 90th Fiance: Other Ways Fans have witnessed Corey refusing to sign a divorce notice to legally separate from Evelyn. He also can’t stop apologizing to his wife on Instagram.Knowing how much Evelyn hates Jenny, Corey insisted on the Ecuadorians 90 days fiance The star is “Affection and compassion“His mystery”Other girls” When “Other people.. The fan called out Corey’s “Misogyny“Caption Here he said that every time Jenny’s name heard it, he was disappointed and disgusted. However, as the fans decided, “Corey may be worse than EvelinHe shared a new apology post asking for forgiveness because of his bad attitude.

Arena mom Anna gets praise for seeing through Stephen

Alina Anna 90 Days Fiance Other Ways

90th Fiance: Other Ways Not following the beliefs of his church, Star Stephen argued that Arina’s mother, Anna, should convert to Mormonism. So far, fans have learned about Stephen kissing more than 100 women and having sex with a handful of women, including those who had an affair while dating Alina. Alina, meanwhile, is supposed to remain a virgin until she gets married and has already given up on her favorite things, such as coffee and wine.Moreover Hear about Stephen’s lies from the arena, Anna shut down his conversion idea, and she’s making a way to flip the script 90 days fiance Fans sayNSama does not play.. “

Smit called for finding humor in Jenny’s pain

90th Fiance: Another Way Jenny and Smit.

When Smit’s mother Saddna reveals that she is coming to stay with him and Jenny’s house 90th Fiance: Other Ways Fans expected all hell to be unleashed. Sadna seems to have decided to humiliate Jenny, and an American woman gave her a reason to do it. Smit’s mom had 63-year-old Jennie clean the kitchen deeply. However, fans realized that he should have accused the kitchen of being confused, as it is often Smit to cook for couples.Instead, Smit shouts that he’s happy that the kitchen is clean, dismissing the case and dismissing it. Jenny and Saddna’s Bonding Session..

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90th Fiance: Other Ways Broadcast on TLC at 8 pm ET on Sunday.

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What happened this week (October 18th) on the contrary to the S3 cast

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