What happened to Gavin and Esonica after Season 2

Gavin and Esonica, a Season 2 couple on Temptation Island, broke up at the end of the season, but what have they been doing since the shoot was over?

From Season 2 of Gavin Rocker and Esonica Beira Island of Temptation It was like the most stable couple. But things changed when Esonica fell to former basketball player Kareem Thomas in an island single. Many couples on the island have become prey to temptation, and Esonica was no exception. Fans of the show will remember Evan Smith and Kasey Campbell, who had one of the worst and last bonfires in the history of the show.they are Connected with Casey Starchuck and Ashley Howland, Its last bonfire featured a failed proposal. Because of her last bonfire, Esonica decided to leave her relationship with Gavin for Kareem, but what happened after that?

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Gavin and Esonica had problems with their relationship when they arrived on the island. The Queen of the Beauty Contest wanted an answer as to where their relationship was heading and whether Gavin could commit to her. The two met on a movie set in 2017.They had a date for almost a year and a half before appearing Island of Temptation.. Gavin said their relationship was almost fun, but he felt Esonica was a high degree of maintenance. Esonica wanted their relationship to develop and wanted to get a ring from Gavin, but he wasn’t sure about her.Even though he took her Island of Temptation To show that she can trust him, Esonica got her answer and eventually tricked Kareem and Gavin.

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During ~ Their time on the island, Esonica combined with Kareem. They left the island together when she decided to end her relationship with Gavin, but Esonica and Kareem did not meet each other until their reunion. They kept flirting on social media for a while, but eventually their connection was at a loss.according to cheating paper, Gavin and Esonica are both singles. Esonica focused her energy on her business, Forever Royal Cosmetics. The beauty of the Virgin Islands creates her empire. Esonica has not only shown off her products on Instagram, but has embraced her life as an Instagram influencer. She regularly posts ads for a variety of products, including Flat Tammy Vitamin and Keva Moisturizer Butter.Finally, she pursues a modeling and acting career and often posts behind-the-scenes photos and videos to her. Instagram feed. See one of her gorgeous photos below.

On the other hand, Gavin has also challenged acting.Credits for his movie include: Characteristic, Out in 2018, and Scott Free, This is a recent movie released in 2021. Gavin posts to Instagram less often than Esonica and often takes weeks or months to update his fans. According to his Instagram background, his current home base is Atlanta, Georgia, a bustling city perfect for up-and-coming actors. Gavin doesn’t seem to be pursuing another relationship since parting with Esonica. Instead, he seems to focus on himself and pursue his goals and dreams. Previously, he posted various modeling photos to his IG, but he seems to have moved away from pursuing the job as a serious career.

Both Gavin and Esonica are just enjoying life in pursuit of their desires. They both look happy and prosperous, which is good to see after their turbulent time at the show.The show is not called Island of Temptation For free, and if your partner wants to cheat, they will.Season one single Morgan Roller said most couples go to the show Cheat. Reality shows may be interesting, but they are not the best choice if you want to fix broken or struggling relationships.If a couple thinks Island of Temptation Is the answer to their relationship problem, they should know that the success rate is low and only Javen Butler and Shari Ligons make it work after the show.

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Island of Temptation Season 3 will air on Tuesday at 10 pm EST.

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