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What happened to Maria Bartiromo?

Maria Bartiromo

Sarah Ellison The Washington Post writes about the transformation of Fox Business Anchor Maria BartiromoBecame a defender of President Donald Trump.

Ellison writes: “Like many Trump allies, she talks as if the fact that the investigation did not lead to criminal accusations against the president meant that the entire company was fake from the beginning,” Mueller said. Citing 10 cases in which Mr. Trump may have interfered with the investigation, he revealed that the investigation did not exempt Mr. Trump.

“Her belief that the rest of the media is biased towards Trump now extends to social media. Like the president, newspaper reporters themselves, like the president, by Twitter to promote false information. I’ve seen some of the flagged tweets. For example, a federal article she shared the day after the election said, “Yes, the Democrats are in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania,” and the next day. “AZ voting workers forced reporters to use sharps, thereby invalidating their votes,” and the unproven claim of “4 am dump” gave Byden tens of thousands of Swing state votes. It was.

“She condemned the role of the media in calling for Biden’s election.” I think the role of the media is to report the facts and it is up to the elector to report who the president is. ” She said at the show, December 14, after all major networks called for Biden’s election, before the electors voted. As the vote took place, Baltilomo told the post that he recognized Biden as a presidential elector. “But you still have an incumbent president who disagrees with the election. We’ll cover that as well. We’ll cover all cases of fraud not only in this election, but in future elections as well. . “

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What happened to Maria Bartiromo? What happened to Maria Bartiromo?

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